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im not happy wilddove 132 07/18
LOOKING FOR YOU..... caljoey 49 07/18
Wooooooo Wooooooo nautigal48 204 07/18
Retirement, is it good for the woman? KaylaAnn 82 07/18
The Way We Were...... And The Modern Technolog ... perihelion 102 07/18
OVERKILL sizzlinhot 100 07/18
ANGEL ladylike1962 83 07/18
Jumping the Gun sunny1971 229 07/18
Does anyone really get responses here? CDinCO 384 07/18
More Women Marrying Younger Men Stugotz 331 07/18
How can a plain and simple guy living pay check.. ... Boise_Maine1969 206 07/18
Oh my God Magickmann 334 07/18
Topic Of The Masses!!!! KaylaAnn 98 07/17
Super Woman ;-) MissMonteCarlo 133 07/17
Passion & Love do they co-exist? KaylaAnn 52 07/17
What kind of Vacations do you like to take ... sharp1 142 07/17
Who's a smarty-pants? cmgfilms 262 07/17
Cat Fights auburnhair 282 07/17
Men Vs. Women: Moving on after the relationship ... joele10 243 07/17
How do you make YOUR first date memorable? barbiebeauty15 130 07/16
Emotionally available? removed_susieinvegas 157 07/16
The soundtrack of life... lovelylotus 98 07/16
St Moritz Zayuri 1 07/16
Is it cheating or not? Torrence 149 07/16
What would it take to get your love? businessman55 50 07/16
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