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Reasons why people fall for people who are ... Gentlebreeze20... 147 03/09
Dear True Love Inata1... 46 03/08
You'll Love The Sound Of My Voice! AlphaCEO... Premium 22 03/08
the TOUCH. My old photoshot 📷 KarenK... 21 03/08
You Should NEVER Settle AlphaCEO... Premium 24 03/07
Grand Canyon kriss... 50 03/01
Did You Know The Show The Bachelor Is NOT Reality ... AlphaCEO... Premium 85 03/01
The Clock Is Ticking AlphaCEO... Premium 34 02/28
Hello MsChris... 35 02/27
Are You Tired Of Wasting Time Yet? AlphaCEO... Premium 51 02/27
Do You Feel Like I Do? AlphaCEO... Premium 235 02/26
Long distance from New Zealand edensd... 13 02/26
I'M A Doer... Are You? AlphaCEO... Premium 21 02/26
The Silent Man hiyapd... 19 02/26
The Three Elements Of The Ideal Ride AlphaCEO... Premium 34 02/24
Are You Where You Want To Be? AlphaCEO... Premium 45 02/24
CHAT ROOM CHANGES MMCounsel... Premium 31 02/23
Please Read All Of This Before Contacting M ... AlphaCEO... Premium 157 02/23
A New and Better Way To Find Who You Crave AlphaCEO... Premium 55 02/23
Internet fantasy land JollyButterf... 48 02/23
Dear Mr Trump Gentlebreeze20... 281 02/23
beuty CACERES20... 30 02/20
EMAil ME watchi... 111 02/19
Spellbinder67 on Witchcraft/Spirituality/Soul ... spellbinder19... 75 02/18
Power, which has more, lie or truth. born1t... 60 02/18
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30 years of marriage-But I never loved you
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30 years of marriage-But I never loved you
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