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true, pure love extraheart 90 01/25
What Makes Me A Happy Woman? Gracelle 93 01/25
Italian Lover 3345roc 95 01/25
Heaven on Earth smax117 Recommended 93 01/25
Imagine DONTFITMOLD 94 01/24
Are you really looking for love on here? orange2004 337 01/23
How observant are you? 3345roc 107 01/23
My dream muddydock 92 01/22
What's True Love? Gracelle 72 01/21
Why women might cheat rmac22 239 01/21
What is the deal with all these lousy blogs ... Jenkneee 200 01/20
curvy curv2003 140 01/20
Well... Megan1994 139 01/20
SHOULD A WOMAN ASK A MAN OUT?? ideal_Diamond 236 01/20
speachless jojobrangard 95 01/19
My Blind-Date Experiences Gracelle 137 01/19
My Religious Studies Background tivo_fiend 143 01/16
We Are All Kids Gracelle 83 01/16
EXCUSES FOR CHEATING? ideal_Diamond 465 01/13
More truth about the Debt 3345roc 130 01/13
Do you Believe??? DONTFITMOLD 304 01/11
A Universe From Nothing tivo_fiend 149 01/11
The Treasures I Lost (3) Gracelle 38 01/09
The Treasures I Lost (2) Gracelle 23 01/09
The Treasures I Lost Gracelle 31 01/09
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