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Stuff I have written Farmer2014 112 10/19
Nice And Naughty Drinking ;) Katvond 137 10/18
Net Energy Ratio ppatrick 59 10/17
Lies that women tell but often won’t admit ... Katvond 250 10/17
Third Most Common Secret Men hide from wome ... Katvond 228 10/15
Tindersue and another day alone. Tindersue 186 10/15
I've Got To Say. This is strange! Trenag 173 10/15
breast cancer awarenes DONTFITMOLD 63 10/13
Second Most Common Secret Men hide from wome ... Katvond 213 10/13
Randomness classact64 85 10/12
Missing YOU emmanuelst 202 10/09
Willing to Love Again? emmanuelst 118 10/09
CanNOT Sleep emmanuelst 99 10/08
Talk to me crystal71891 121 10/08
MAGIC SEX emmanuelst 221 10/08
Millions and Billions of Lots of Everythin ... emmanuelst 170 10/06
Pretty Superficial emmanuelst 234 10/06
beautiful weather PhantasmSisyphus 65 10/04
if you dont meet someone in person–it is not ... rezi1983 186 10/03
Forward to All from MM Councelor DONTFITMOLD 159 10/03
broadway joe 90210dallas 68 10/02
wisdom DONTFITMOLD 277 10/02
Time and time again. PhantasmSisyphus 59 10/02
Profile consistancy smax117 Recommended 238 10/01
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