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Should the 1st Date Dinner be "Dutch Treat? ... ChampagneMoments 1,039 06/01
New member!! Brunaa 10 06/01
Seriously Ladies, Is Cooking Dinner for a Guy ... ChampagneMoments 981 05/31
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Women over Forty DONTFITMOLD Recommended 369 05/29
what i am not 90210dallas 240 05/27
Hummmm very interesting DONTFITMOLD Recommended 263 05/26
Men's Cologne women find most Attractive? Dakota35 880 05/25
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How Not to Contact a Woman LACanuck 218 05/23
Already Disappointed Damsel2k14 365 05/21
Leaving Your Profile Without a Photo? LACanuck 263 05/18
My Kinda Girl DONTFITMOLD Recommended 290 05/18
???Cats or Dogs.....What are you??? DONTFITMOLD Recommended 136 05/18
as Time goes by removed_JulySummer_126662709 111 05/18
Bring Back Our Girls!!! MissMonteCarlo 273 05/17
A love with no limit sweetbeauty_92 207 05/17
Are you Pro Choice? 3345roc 270 05/16
stick up my.... 90210dallas 319 05/11
to the Mums out there DONTFITMOLD Recommended 145 05/11
Not Budging; South China Sea leonicvirgo 135 05/10
It's Good To Be...... leonicvirgo 93 05/10
Connected;Really leonicvirgo 93 05/10
What exactly is the problem!? futurewifey2000 250 05/09
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