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It's Good To Be...... leonicvirgo 93 05/10
Connected;Really leonicvirgo 93 05/10
What exactly is the problem!? futurewifey2000 249 05/09
Over 300 views but too much Negativity GoNancyGo 490 05/07
Patterns removed_JulySummer_126662709 131 05/07
Building Stuff Diana3316 286 05/06
My love/hate relationship with older men Chynabfierce 506 04/29
Money & Love , A perfect Match or a Disasterous ... DoveSei 260 04/29
Can a women be happy. flagent32246 Recommended 779 04/28
How Important is a Mans Height ? GoNancyGo 572 04/28
When I see 65 yr old men Seeking women 18-30, ... GoNancyGo 786 04/28
Loss removed_JulySummer_126662709 155 04/27
It's Spring again (redux) smax117 Recommended 98 04/25
?Not thinking? DONTFITMOLD 147 04/22
Lover or Scammer? Gracelle 424 04/21
Healers pretty_ladyyyyy 115 04/18
The Everyday Woman Deserves A Day of Glamour ... NewChapter777 191 04/17
Misconception!!! DoveSei 166 04/17
RIP Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez, Love in the Time ... jolene1969 83 04/17
Online dating objectives extraheart 217 04/17
armor jolene1969 65 04/17
Something jolene1969 34 04/17
We are like Dying Stars jolene1969 47 04/17
Personal Power jolene1969 39 04/17
Wasting Time jolene1969 130 04/17
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