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Nature AND Nurture lubelle 231 02/07
The love of my life chinaluv 24 02/06
Romantic Renderings Jenkneee 245 02/05
winter blues extraheart 88 02/05
How Many Sex Partners Should I Have? Gracelle 372 02/02
A touching love story... 3345roc 102 02/02
War Horse MissMonteCarlo 62 02/02
Women are so much better... 3345roc 121 02/01
How much “get there” time is reasonable for ... rmac22 328 01/31
Setting the Hook Diana3316 548 01/30
Are men afraid of beautiful and intelligent ... lubelle 445 01/30
Do these people really exist? ciscorules 190 01/29
It was just a misunderstanding 3345roc 168 01/28
Can i have a million bucks? AndrewBB 738 01/27
true, pure love extraheart 86 01/25
What Makes Me A Happy Woman? Gracelle 90 01/25
Italian Lover 3345roc 93 01/25
Heaven on Earth smax117 Recommended 83 01/25
Imagine DONTFITMOLD 87 01/24
Are you really looking for love on here? orange2004 328 01/23
How observant are you? 3345roc 105 01/23
My dream muddydock 90 01/22
What's True Love? Gracelle 69 01/21
Why women might cheat rmac22 232 01/21
What is the deal with all these lousy blogs ... Jenkneee 198 01/20
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