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Posted on Sep 25, 2008 at 11:15 AM

Good afternoon Bloggers...I had a regular night, with a big imnsomnia, so I had lot of time to think, about the world, the troubles, work, life, etc,etc,etc, and finally I finished thinking about MM?Blogs. I dont know why people here dont like to participe in Blogs. I can realize, maybe between 20 to 30 % of people read it, and with luck between 3 to 5% write on it...why? are the topics so bored?, arent less interesting? I had read about all : society, senses, opinions, health, money, family, etc, etc, etc, but I realize, it shows, these kind of topics arent interesting, or really people dont have time to try it... What do you think is passing? perhaps topics arent atractive? I love these kind of places where we can discuss, or learn, or simplily enjoy a time, reading and think...or ..perhaps, here in MM exist another place more interesting than Blogs? Ladies and gentlemen..Please, dont lose these posibility to share your opinions with anothers, Its important for us, each word would means a help in a minimun or maximun way...please, dont lose these oportunity to give your advices or comments to us..please..dont permit that the blogs die!!!

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