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Blog title: My response to Our First Kiss
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When we start to share our first kiss

I will close my smiling eyes and part my lips ever so slightly

Feeling how electric it is to have your lips caress

     my eyes

          my cheeks

And bring my face alive.

When you begin to nibble

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Response to First Kiss Posted on Fri, Jul 29, 2011 00:00

I have watched you from the hillside

     Working in the fields, sinewed muscles

          Glistening in the hot summer sun. 

You too have watched me from a distance

    A polite wave as I weed my gardens,

          Breezes blow hair across my face.

Stealing furtive glances and faraway smiles

     Kindling long-lost stirrings

          I know you are looking and I grow warm.

We meet at the end of each day

     Both a little awkward walking the dusty road home

           Silent as the sun sets over the hill, months passing.

You hand me a wildflower one day

     Picked in the field just for me

          Our fingers touch briefly sending sparks into the night air.

When you finally lean in to kiss me 

     I close my smiling eyes and

          Part my lips ever so slightly.

I feel the electricity when your lips

     Caress my eyes, my cheeks

          And bring my face alive.

When you nibble each lip in turn

     I savor the first taste of you

          And breathe in your warm breath.

When you reach my throat,

     A small breath catches there

          Unable to exhale completely.

Our bodies lean in

     Searching for each other

          Months of unexpressed passion rises in our chests.

Our hearts opening like flowers

     On a hot summer morning

          Thirsting for rain.

You tease me with your lips

     Re-tracing soft pathways across

          Lips, cheeks and throat.

Soft whispers of pleasure and anticipation

     Escape my lips

          And are absorbed by the dust on your skin.

Wanting more, you wait and pull back

     Making passion build

          Heightening tension.

I have watched you in the fields

     I know each step in the dance of passion

           That we have danced from a distance for months.

Our dance is nature's choreography 

     First leading and then following

          Moving in and then moving away.

Each step building

     Anticipation and passion

          Until unable to hold back anymore.

I reach for your head

     And pull you toward me

          Seeking your mouth with mine.

And we share our first kiss......