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Posted on Feb 28, 2013 at 07:31 PM

The Anatomy of a Scar~Almost all of us have one or more of them..I can pretty much locate each one, tell its story, all the while touching it, feeling the interrupted landscape, its silvery color makes it noticeable to others as well. Oh I know there are creams and plastic surgery to lessen its appearance, but you cannot completely eradicate it..even the scars that are unseen are forever there within ourselves. The places where we are hurt, damaged & bleeding that bring forth that scar are reminders to all of us of that moment in time where we felt pain. The new skin is tougher, more resilient, more visible..showing the strength gained from that traumatic time. 

I look at my hand and see a large scar from a burn I suffered when I was about eleven months old. I was learning how to walk. Being at my Grandmother's old house meant new adventures. I tottered over to her old iron stove and placed my hand on mom said I abandoned my walking for several months after, associating that burn with it. But, as it healed, the raised skin forever there on my palm, I did return to my quest of walking, but now being more aware of my surroundings. 

Your scars. What have you learned from your scars? Have you allowed the memory, the feel of them, the moment to teach you, redirect you, strengthen you? Are you trying to hide them, allowing them to keep you from resting on the lesson acquired to venture in another direction with wisdom and strength? 

There is value in everything we experience, the good, the not so good and the down right awful. I hope the next time you evaluate your scars, both inside and out, you see them with new eyes. Selah

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