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HELL NO ! I'll stick to my IM buddies ! Posted on Thu, Feb 15, 2007 20:47
I joined this site to meet people around the world, make new friends, broaden my knowledge and maybe, just maybe, meet my life mate ! In the months since then I have been reluctant to subscribe, hoping that the juvenile, back stabbing, crass behaviour would pass, but it seems not to be ! I have two IM programmes and have decided to stick to them, I have met the most amazing, confident, interesting people there and can honestly say that my experience here, in this site, has been reminiscent to watching a bunch of pubescent teenagers in a school yard ! Adios and thanks for all the fish !! Carlene
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Coast to Coast and back again . . . . Posted on Thu, Jan 18, 2007 22:15
I got to go home for the first time in 10 Years !!! I got to stick my toes in the Atlantic and on the same day, into the Indian oceans, nowhere else in the world can you do that except the mother City of Cape Town ! I got to wake up to the view of Table Mountain every day ! I got to walk the streets of the city and breath in the memories of my childhood ! I got to reconnect with people I had not seen in 2 decades and who still remembered things I did in school (Not that hard to imagine, I was the school mascot !!) I got to surprise my favourite Aunt and Uncle, whom I never thought to see again ! I got to sit on Clifton beach and feel the pieces that I had been missing, fall back into place ! I got to eventually close doors that where standing ajar ! I got to test the integrity of a very big window ! (lol, refer Kari's blog-lol !) I was made to remember not to sweat the small things ! Now I am back living this existance I call life and in a quandary as to what to do ! Here's a pic of Table mountain !
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Willyprt, Alexiaa, NascarOwner............... Posted on Fri, Dec 22, 2006 04:32
Merry Christmas ! Will, Karina, Trey, Tim, Candieleigh, Alexiaa, Boopster, Micheal a43, Perihelion, Rick, Crazybeatiful, Santa and any others I may have momentarily forgotten, May your Christmas be all you hope for, may your dreams be fulfilled, your coffers overflowing (if they aren't already), your star shine bright, your asperations realised and your futures blessed. Thank you all, again, for letting me be part of all this, it has, so far, been an awesome experience that I hope to continue as we all get to know each other. Thank YOU ! P.S: Now if any of you would like to bless me, please package either Tim or Will (or both) and DHL him/them, Pronto !!!!LOL LOL Carlene -X-X-X-
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'Tis the season to be jolly............ Posted on Tue, Dec 05, 2006 03:06
It's that time of year again, where you find yourself still single, it's the ex's turn with the kids and all your friends are either hitched or involved where do you spend Christmas? Option A: You accept the invite from your friends and spend the evening hugging the Chardonnay bottle while couples look lovingly into each others eyes........(Don't growl and bare your teeth at anyone when they ask for a glass of wine, remember this is a time of sharing!) Option B: You find a fellow single of the same sex and hit the town. (Not always a good idea, unless you DON'T mind spending the next 2 days nursing Bloody Mary's, an ice pack, sunglasses and wondering around a strange town where no-one talks English.) Option C: You stop at the bottle store and buy a case of the first thing you fall over, go home, put on Christmas carols and hug your dog (Note: Leash dog to couch, he may try to escape when you start singing to the lampshade.) If there are more options out there that I have not thought of, please, I would appreciate any ideas, I think my dog is starting to look nervous.
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5'1" and 130 pounds............. Posted on Tue, Nov 21, 2006 21:31
Does being small have its advantages? I have found it can both cause havoc and be an asset. Unless I am wearing 6" heels, no man can help but stare down my cleavage when talking to me, their eyes normally lighting up in surprise when we sit down and they realise I have a face and have actualy been talking to them for the past 10 minutes. On the other hand no-one minds me standing in front at a concert, and I can manuvere easily through crowded rooms. Other noted disadvantages: I can almost never reach the cross bar on a bar stool and my legs end up hanging like a two year olds. The top of my fridge only gets cleaned when I have the step ladder out. I have to wear platform shoes to play darts. Pool tables are not made for little people !! Noted advantages: I can hide easily......hehe Dont eat much. Can get more speed out of my brothers superbike (He being 6'2") Can easily fit in the back seat of a convertable. The list goes on and I know you can all use your imagination, but I want to know your experiences out there, whether you be tall or short and is height a preference in prospective dates ?
Members Only DONT like the outsoors ! Posted on Tue, Nov 14, 2006 03:59
I recently received a comment on a South African dating site that stated that this particular "gent" ws sick and tired of all us ladies saying we love the outdoors when we actualy mean we don't mind the drive to their country house or a 5 star safari in the Kruger National Park. My response was to send a picture of my dog and I on my patio looking out over my backyard with a note stating that besides my pups, I had monkeys, snakes, spiders and lizards for neighbours, AND, if this is where I live, try imagine what roughing it means to me................(I stop short of hunting my own food !) Are there ladies out their that are so obtuse in their summary of themselves ? Come on ladies, you are giving us genuine bush wackers a bad name ! Makes you wonder what other people have been over expansive about !!!
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