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Posted on Dec 24, 2012 at 04:48 PM

Thank you and I wish you the same sweet Francie! the way..I see your new pic how stunning you look :-)


Sabes que...these times reminds me even more of why I had/ve to at least try make some people more respectful and understanding of such amazing belief heritage which helps so many worldwide and thruout history to keep a better focus on lifes beauty, spiritual health etc. despite all.


Im happy.

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by Worldmind
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Posted on Dec 24, 2012 at 04:29 PM



Merry Christmas!!





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Posted on Dec 24, 2012 at 01:05 AM

Quoting Voyager54:

~J~...I said I would stop...maybe...providing that certain lines are not crossed. And I would prefer a truce at least through the holidays.




On the other hand, going around like a child essentially screaming that you're going to tell your mommy on me just because you don't like the context in which I say certain things doesn't strengthen your position any.




Do you really think that I or anyone else on this site really care either way whether or not we remain on this site or ANY site?  Jeez, please tell me you don't think that. The cyber world is not the end all to beat all.




Obviously, it doesn't seem like those of us, the regulars,( SNOBS according to Georgia), that blog here, care whether or not we ever meet the love of our lives from this site. I really think the regulars here find a certain solace in knowing they don't really need anybody, any significant "other" in their lives. Yet, there remains a certain sort of comraderie here. We say funny things, serious things, meaningless things,useless things, scientific things and unfortunately even relgious things...just like in real life. The point is, that there is this connection of sorts with other people.Albeit, strangers. Strangers in a strange cyber land.

So what if I get annoyed. So what if you get annoyed. So what if the entire world gets annoyed. You say what you do, georgia says what she says, I say what I say...and at the end of the day, what have we all proven?...NOTHING...except that we know how to push each others buttons.

At least our disagreements are far more interesting than if everybody always agreed to agree. I hate patronization!




In fact, the only reality to this site, from what I can see is those of us that DO blog here. It's all the others, thousands of them that wait for winks, emails and contact of almost any kind by someone that will hopefully become a long term mate...those people seem unreal to me. You are more real than any of those people. And if by you gertting into my face, to prove that reality, is what it takes, then that is great...I welcome it. It sure beats having somebody that posts or authors one blog and then disappears.

I look at profiles once in a while. Plenty of cute women out there. Some a little more sleazy than others. I don't look at mens proffiles but I'm sure it's the same for them. But the profiles that I have seen, more times than not reveal the most imporatnt aspect of a person...their character. I don't care if they have a wild character, religious character, scientific character, as long as they have some kind of character. But they don't.

The only REAL characters exist on these blogs. That is why I suggested a get together , a meet and greet for all the bloggers...I was not making an open invitation to the entire membership of MM!

My place is big, but it ain't THAT big. And I only want to meet people with personalities no matter what that may entail. Boring people need not come. I don't think you're boring and I know I'm not.

When people meet me, as they have in other previous MM get togethers...they all LOVE me, because I AM REAL....even though they may not like what I have to say. However, I do know I can make people laugh.

I've never had anything bad happen to me in life other than the loss of my wife. THAT was bad. Cancer, as we all know is bad. And does her lost battle still piss me off after 18 years ?...damn right it does. Cancer angers me just like it does you .

52 famous people died this year. I saw it on Yahoo news or that site OMG...52, and most were to cancer.

After all is said and done on goofy sites like this, compared to cancer, does anything we have to say really matter?

It IS things like cancer that made me question the power of Supreme Being(s). Go to a hospital like Sloan-Kettering and see how many kids are in there under the age of 5...and then tell me there is some unseen power protecting us all. These kids have no clue about the things we have been bickering about for the past month! All they care about is if they will survive the year, or the week or the day.

And those poor kids last week...where is the special grace of a supreme being in an instance like that? And so many more just like that and more to come...

And then people wonder why I detest any mention of a supreme being.




It IS the reality of those that do blog here on a regular basis that gives these blogs some weird sense of community. That the people here ARE real. Like it or not, and THAT IS the reality...there it is in a nutshell. I hope that it doesn't piss you off.

Referring to your last sentence. You lied (again!), the truth is you hope TO piss me off!!  What part of my typing "Do NOT refer to me or type to me" do u NOT understand? I do NOT like you, I will NEVER like you. I do NOT want to read anything from you. I will not waste my time referring to any more of your lies, bragging, story telling for attention or anything else.


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Posted on Dec 23, 2012 at 11:29 PM

Christmas..and the peace, joy and love spirit it so naturally spreads allover the world and into peoples hearts, is the ultimate testimony of the reality, power and need of belief for humankind(ness).


Happy Holidays

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by Worldmind
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Posted on Dec 23, 2012 at 11:03 PM

I have posted this earlier on another blog, but I feel this is suitable here now, especially for those who are in doubt, in some kind of pain, sailing thru an ocean of darkness etc.

It is easy for many, and especially those who do not have any faith in God from the start, to question all when such tragedy appears. Some are just like a shopkeeper around here, who is from Slovakia, and is used to tell us about her life, as she comes from a family with communists and was brought up with strict prohibition against any faith related issues. So she cannot (regardless of what anyone says) care for any ideas related to such issues, in fact she got divorced from an Italian man some years ago, just because she had such anger with religious issues and he was just a normal Italian catholic man who got fed up and he filed for divorce

I have thought about this traumatic matter in Sandy and other places/times, that involves such extreme injustice, here is a bit of my thought-process;

There is a constant struggle between Go(o)d and Evil…and when something like this happens, I think that the trauma we can see and count is Evils tiny success, but what we might forget and do not see, is the victory of Go(od), as I feel that if Go(od) was not in that school, or on that street or in those buildings or whatever tragedy, then the disaster might have been to a scale of another dimension.

It is easy to look at the glass being half full, but in this case, I feel and think, and however these children tragedy is impossible to grasp (I can’t even start thinking about this for long, as I then must take a week off just to meditate away the sorrow within)…that Go(o)d was present and always is.

If one just think about the amount of people on this planet, and most certainly the amount of dangerous people with mal intent,  in comparison to such grand scale tragedies (including natural chaos), maybe it is not as huge as it could is similar to how the national intelligence works, they stop many terror attacks which we don’t even know about and we think Oh the world looks just like we just do not know the powers and forces behind the scenes struggling and beating evil every micro second.

This might not take away the pain we feel for the people involved in the tragedy, but it might ease and give some comfort and a little light in such darkness.


This reminds me of a poem, I first read when I went diving in Key West, Florida;


One night I had a dream—

I dreamed I was walking along the beach with the Lord
and across the sky flashed scenes from my life.

For each scene I noticed two sets of footprints,
one belonged to me and the other to the Lord.

When the last scene of my life flashed before me,
I looked back at the footprints in the sand.

I noticed that many times along the path of my life,
there was only one set of footprints.

I also noticed that it happened at the very lowest
and saddest times in my life.
This really bothered me and I questioned the Lord about it.

"Lord, you said that once I decided to follow you,
you would walk with me all the way,
but I have noticed that during the most troublesome times in my life
there is only one set of footprints.

"I don't understand why in times when I needed you most,
you should leave me."

The Lord replied, "My precious, precious child,
I love you and I would never, never leave you
during your times of trial and suffering.

"When you saw only one set of footprints,
it was then that I carried you."


…so every time someone ask "why was God not there"...think again...what would happen if He was not...

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by Worldmind
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Posted on Dec 23, 2012 at 10:56 PM

Jenknee, thank you, and I hope you will eventually find it in you to maybe post-edit any bad things said etc. as some others might be truly lost and try to post-smoothen extreme repeated attacks and actions against others, and instead of proving it in actions, they try to make themselves look sweeter and cuter than they acted, riding on humans (especially Christians and similar believers) need/ability to "forget and forgive", but, at the end of the day, if a person cannot DIRECT and sincerely apologize and keeps on stating the similar stuff (I have had to remove some more "nasty" comments on here made by mr "truce" AGAIN today - as this has to stop and Im not a judgy kind of person in more usual circumstances, but I need to act upon what I feel is right/wrong/appropriate, especially at this point)...and do something properly sorryful actionwise...then that is telling it all, and that is sad, and as I said, its about that persons own karma not mine.


Whats wrong...why cant some people just stop...?


Some possible explanations to such is that there are many sociopaths/psychopaths in the world, they are the best "actors" and can "sell" anything to others by disguising it as a "joking" behaviour...smiling etc and especially belitteling their own evil actions/the effects of such or not even noticing them nor understanding "whats the fuzz about".


Many people would "love" them some kind of a weird blind Stockholm syndromic they would not spot or even admit the evil side of this person would be amazing smooth talkers, and they often are splendid "colgate smile"-event hosts...and in some way they manage to send their surroundings on several "guilt" trips by acting as a "victim"...only the ones who experience their vicious side would know and feel the true pain and wear those scars.


Well...yeah...I have done what I can and thats it! I might be misunderstood sometimes, as some people seem to not entirely belive in the full power of peace and love and almost instigate or try to pick small hints of the opposite to peace and love in any comment etc, just to feed their own feeling about their own self and their own beliefs/disbeliefs and the possible agony involved in it...but I do believe in true peace...even though the road there might at times be filled with thorns.

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by Worldmind
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Posted on Dec 23, 2012 at 09:43 PM

Quoting worldmind: interesting..Ive been in private message contact with most of them I found stepping out of line or I felt where behaving odd etc..and for the most parts it has worked out just fine..but..then comes the tragic of those who just dont give a "shyt" and just cant stop...and that forces me to address this on here, to at least try more ways..and when even that doeasnt work..then thats sad said..not all are made out of certain material...and at the end of the day...its not my karma pay...but it was worth a good try.

God bless you Worldmind for trying so hard. To reach out so much in such a kind way to a virtual stranger who did nothing but be caustic,etc.,is something not too many people would do. You did your best now maybe it's time to wash your hands of it. Of course it's up to you :)


Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!

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Posted on Dec 23, 2012 at 02:21 AM interesting..Ive been in private message contact with most of them I found "stepping out of line" or I felt where "behaving odd" etc (meaning if I found something being uncomfortable from my point of view instead of voicing it publically)..and for the most parts it has worked out just fine...but..then comes the tragic of those who just dont give a "shyt" and just cant stop or just go on "instigating" more fuzz...and that forces me to finally try to address this on here, to at least try more ways..and when even that doesnt work..then thats sad said..not all are made out of certain material...and at the end of the day...its not my karma pay...but it was worth a good try.

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by Worldmind
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Posted on Dec 23, 2012 at 01:14 AM

Voyager54...most obviously I get alot more than anyone can imagine...and then some more...and that must annoy you (and some few more) the most...


Obviously your "nothingness" can be others "everythingness" and vice versa.


...and obviously you are not sorry in any way shape or that temporarily "truce" flag you are waving is just a toilettpaper lost in transition...


I tried all ways to make you realize etc...but obviously, some are just not created in a certain and humanitarian way.


You have proved my points. End of discussion.

by Worldmind
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Posted on Dec 22, 2012 at 04:09 PM

The shady CherokeeChief is most probably silverlions alter ego as that is my very first suddenly popped up yesterday, posting ONLY 2 comments ever, one was a hate attack on this blog and one was an attack on Hopings blog against Dakota, not to uncommonly silverlion/CC defending his “lady die”..and that was his peaceful contribution on here and after sad. I said, the one on here was logically removed and I didn’t even find Hopings blog alltogether when I last checked…maybe it will return again...


Well Voyager54, as I said, you do not know who is who and whom they have met in their lives and what they have done. I don’t care if its a king or a beggar, met all kinds and I think it has not as much to do with title and who met who etc as much as it has to do with simple personality and morality traits.


Having a Christian or whatever upbringing does (obviously) not guarantee a person’s personality. Even the devil is said to have started off all the way in Heaven and was thrown down under as he couldn’t handle all the Go(o)dness...revolting as he found himself the most supreme etc.


I don’t think you realize the actual magnitude of the insults you have made...and that given someone from some violent religious streaks (not meaning Christians, Buddhists and alike), then you would maybe have been hunted down in some way or the other and put yourself in serious danger. I don’t wish that on anyone…but this has been seen all over the world, if you have been following the events over the past years. The few ones telling you to stop on here, openly and frankly, are not the dangerous crowd, the danger lies in those who are behind the scenes boiling just because you insulted their beliefsystem to an intolerably high note.


Off course there is freedom of speech and one should and needs to question and be critical to all..and if you only knew my critics about certain religious stuff...but..there is a way to go about it and that is NOT directly insulting peoples beliefs, prophets etc, as this is all too personal and not a risk worth taking for yourself.


OFFCOURCE you struck a chord and not only one, many...but that should not be your agenda or even a feather worth having in your ego-hat. One can look at it and you as funny for a certain time and even try to deny what is going on for the sake of remaining positive and calm etc, but then it has gone overboard. There is a sensitive balance one should know and not disrespect.


That’s the point why there are the “chords” are not misused and abused by people who have difficulty with boundaries etc.


I sense you are struggling in directly and simply saying"Im sorry all", without any pride/ego-ornaments...but I hope you will get there eventually…or do you already now MEAN you ARE truly sorry and will not repeat any of such again, and whenever religious(or political) issues are brought up, you will walk away and you shall actively post-edit your former hate-comments...or something like that?


I did, very sadly to say, lose respect for you as you have been very out of line, and it takes a lot for me to change my mind like that about someone...but I hope you will show me and others to regain that respect.


Even if you are angry at the world for any reason/s, just try not making the world sooo angry at you, as you will be the losing side in the long run, as you always need the world and not necessarly/always the other way around.


Especially as you claim not having a family, then I suggest learning humility from that, and understanding the true value of people AND their beliefs (as people=their belief, for many) and that shaking the pot maybe is not the 24-hour job cut for yourself or anyone else for that matter…and if you re-channel your anger/hate into Love, then you might very possibly be the most loving and lovable person alive.

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by Worldmind
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Posted on Dec 22, 2012 at 11:23 AM

He knows things.  A lot of things.  LMAO, well apparently he doesn't know how to shut up!!  This is at least his second announcement that he will stop, of course it included his typical vitriol as he was announcing how he would take a Christmas break.  How many glorious days do I get without having to see his nastiness?  I would prefer not EVER having to read his remarks but that would be just too good.

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Posted on Dec 21, 2012 at 11:30 PM



There is a shady and OH so angry revengefilled profile that just entered ONLY two comments on the MM on here being very insulting (it was logically removed as such insults does not belong on here), and one on Hopings sad day blog, insulting Dakota35 and defending diana...and again attacking Christians...he calls himself CherokeeChief...


I know Voyager54 have said he will show up in another nickname..but...Im not so sure about this being Voyager54 though...


For once, Im doubting Voyager54 being the villain in this.


So Im betting a million something...that this is someone who is older, seems to have some american-indian facial features, likes the color silver and a lion in his ordinary profile on MM.

by Worldmind
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Posted on Dec 21, 2012 at 01:47 AM

I am actually fed up being disrespected and even misunderstood by some few on here, when trying to be the messenger of peace...and for those who have no belief at all in any religion, I can logically get that you think in your head that a person who is born into a world religion and is not screaming atheism etc is a "good Christian" (whatever that means).


I know myself and for those who want to understand, then understand what I have been saying all along, that I DO NOT find extremists being cute and that goes for anything and anyone...and trying to make me look in one way or the other as it suits your inner agendas and just because Im trying to stop Voyager54s attacks on believers (as I dont agree with insulting any ones peaceful belief), is OBVIOUSLY a proof of you not reading what I am saying and/or not have been understanding anything. And that is YOUR problem, not mine.


My main opinion has been very simple, do not insult others..and tht is not a whole lot of opinion to disagree with.


It cant be a one way street, you wanting to get what you want to say across, but on the other hand not being respectful enough to want to listen or consider what the opposite part is actually saying. Doesnt make sense, and Im all about sense.


Yeah, i did not take Voyager54 seriously all along, and I did initiate hugs etc etc...some of you seem to want to forget that and as someone said to like drama on the blogs and do not believe in that whole amount of love to go around..and seemed to disagree with my peace-blog in one way or the other all along and in some way maybe lurking and waiting to some heat in the savannah...I suggest maybe consider respectfully mending instead of stiring even more in the mess, for no use whatsoever...or just do nothing at all.


So, after being so nice and "non seriously taking" Voyager54, then I realized that just playing around and laughing at so serious and VERY insulting comments he is making about peoples beliefs (no matter what they are) got too far and too much to soon and he is just NOT stopping, hence i just RECENTLY lost my respect for him, hence I decided to address his actions and words..and that is just a logical step in someone who DO respect respect and peace.


There are peaceforces out in the world..would they just stand and laugh while someone is being wounded or so..they need to take some action otherwise casualty count will increase...and it does not make them less of a peaceforce for that. 


A bullet does not have eyes nor ears.


Either way, I urge those people...DO NOT AIM FOR THE MESSENGER and if you do not find what I say or write interesting to read, then dont even enter nor read my blogs alltogether.


There are others who do happily.


I urge all to relax and either try to understand or just dont try at all, dont read at all.


No body is forcing you, so dont force yourselves.

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by Worldmind
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Posted on Dec 21, 2012 at 01:28 AM

Worldmind-you are definitely the better person and I commend you for it. I read his so-called truce, hopefully he knocks off his bad behavior so there can be some peace on here. In any forum or blog, I don't expect to always agree but yes, a little respect goes a long way.  We can learn even if we don't like or agree with what we read. It is good to be aware of what others think and what they're doing or plan to do, this goes for may topics especially politics.


I've been on these blogs maybe a year or so, I really don't participate that much but felt forced to defend myself numerous times on several blogs because I was followed and harassed by one person. I have created 2 threads in the forum that don't get much outside participation but you're welcomed to read them and post something if u want. One is called "Quotes/sayings/poems" and the other one is "Tell us something/anything about yourself" They were both started by me but because my acct. was hacked, it appears that the original poster isn't available, I had to start a new acct.  I asked MM if they would vreate a new headline/topic in the forum of POLITICS, they have not done it as of yet.


It is easy for someone to say "Lighten up" when they have not been attacked and slandered. Also we are allowed to judge. I am not quoting but it goes something like this. "Judge not on appearances but judge righteously" and I do and will continue to. By the way, I think u can find that in the chapter of Daniel.  I judge for my safety, for my integrity,and for many other reasons. I also don't find mocking or insulting anyone funny.  Can someone who knows me say I have a heart of gold? Absolutely :)  Do I have a sense of humor? Why yes I do!!   Am I a Christian? Yes, but I am not a Saint by any means.

See yall around the site :)

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Posted on Dec 20, 2012 at 11:14 PM

Hi Jenknee,


Im answering to your comment on Voyager54 blog and the one you just made on here about VD.


First of all, Im fine and thanks for your kind words. Fortunately I know myself best and that makes all the difference anytime :-)


I do not know any of you all and I live in another continent and rather new to the blogs in comparison to many of you...but I can only reflect and comment on what I HAVE READ, as I cant read it all, and I have not even known about the Las Vegas feudish stuff you and Voyager54 are into...


I do strongly believe in respect and peace and if you have said something insulting to Voyager54, regardless of what is going on, I hope you all reconsider, as there is no need to insult anyone actually...and I do not find your comment about him being a sickness to be according with peaceflow so instead of me removing it I hope you will edit it...


Yeah, sadly, I have myself lost the respect for him, and I told him that, I was honest, and I noticed that he didnt even "give a shyt" as he put it...and that felt sad, as I thought he had some care for me being his supporter and so forth coming to such a point of enoughness, and that he would just stop when he would realize that even I, who have been such a nice person to him, have had enough, and that would make him just end his attacks on peoples core of beliefs etc...and I also read that he put out insults about your looks etc..and I find it wrong for a person and a man to bash a woman and so forth.


My point and my problem with Voyager54 is NOT just the way he has been writing about you on his blog, but also the way he has been insulting peoples core of belief and called us all stupid and so forth. I find it sad and not necessary. I have all the time being very kind and welcoming to Voyagers fuzzish behavior, and even as i said (to use as reference), that I was the first to jump in and try to get him reinstalled when he was kicked off MM not too long ago, and I was trying to be justful etc...and then all his rage started blowing up in this manner and I tried more than anyone to MAKE HIM DROP THIS INSULT-STYLE but he just increased it all instead.


I do not agree with much of what has been going on, and I feel I have tried to make him realize stuff and also by me addressing what he is actually saying etc he would maybe see that when getting into serious angles of things, it is much more complex than jumping up and down insulting people etc. I did try all possible ways from a humble request to a hug to losing respect and telling him stuff straight up...but he seems to have made up his mind, but I do still hope he will realize one day that the only one he has been insulting is himself. I hope he will find reason and goodness in his heart.


I hope you both can reach out to eachother and find a way to mend even though I believe it takes proper and heartfelt sorryness proven by non-repeating such actions and as I did say to a co-blogger in a private mail earlier speaking about this mess, when I said I thought Voyager54 should apologize etc...and that it is possible for people on here to post-edit their comments..and even remove I suggested he maybe needs to sort such comments out and away as a proving step in recovery, and you might want to consider that aswell if you have been personally insulting him for any reason, as I think and hope no one actually think that is ok.

by Worldmind
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Posted on Dec 20, 2012 at 10:19 PM

Quoting worldmind:

Georgia..what and who is VD?

VD is Voyager, it is his new nickname that I gave him after he chose to use my username incorrectly too many times. Since I consider him a disease on here, I felt it suited him perfectly.

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Posted on Dec 20, 2012 at 10:09 PM

Georgia..what and who is VD?

by Worldmind
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Posted on Dec 20, 2012 at 08:09 PM

Respect is earned.  VD has no respect because the topics and comments are of mindless words.  A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

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Posted on Dec 20, 2012 at 02:37 AM

Voyager54, as I said, I lost respect for you and that si all YOU. Even if you dont seem to realize this now, you shall realize it one day.


Why I have mentioned that I have been an active part in you getting back on MM again after you were thrown out, has nothing to do with what you are stating (your interpretation of it is based on your veiw of the world and the people in it..obviously not a beautiful one), it is just to show a reference frame of how I have been on your side 10000% and then that you have, by being so insulting and demeaning to others and not stopping when you should have, not showing sorryness when you should have lost even MY respect...I dont think in terms of "getting that and this on my side"...I am content enough to be on my own side, with no inner conflicts or guilt of being myself, happy about it, trying my best to be a good humanbeing with whatever it contains and foremost as righteous as I can be...which means counting supporters for any reason, is a comedy in this kind of a thing and forum...


I have posted this and addressed you, not working hard for anything than to meet your arguments and represent other points of view, I have not even started trying, but at least I felt you should have come forward and told that your source and religion etc. instead of writing on and on again about aliens being supreme etc as if that is sometihing you are the source of such...and not telling about Van Däniken (who got into this publically in the 1960s I think) and Rael (who is a sectholder)...


I know very well about sects, as i have actually been involved in an organzation who SAVES people who have been brainwashed...and I have been involved in seeing the explosion of freedom and happiness when these individuals bursts out of their fanatic sect bubble and see the world from different and other point of all the beauty and possibilities the world has to offer...its very enchanting indeed.

by Worldmind
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Posted on Dec 20, 2012 at 02:16 AM

Tinkerbelle, I dont know you...and I get that you have some history with Voyager54, as he has been here for a long time and so have you -  which does not mean more than that and only that to me.

I dont see what you mean AT ALL, by saying I have strong religious belifes which are better discussed in other forums etc etc..(which I do agree with if that would be the case but on the other hand who dictates what to be discussed anywhere, we all have FREE SPEECH which is beyond siteborders I hope), this indicates that you might not entirely have been follwing what I have been I have never ever asked anyone or forced any of my beliefs on anyone...and I dont even think you (or anyone here) even KNOW the profile of my beliefs in its fullness.


As I have only in some spots pointed out some things I like in some belief areas and that have been in regards to several different religions and not only one specific, even though I am born Christian (as many others), and have not had any reason to give that up or doubt it, on the contrary, Im not like a person who whould go on and on about their XX belief, as I do not like extremists. I feel you might be misunderstanding my side of the table.


My (and others, who have written to me in private but feel they cant handle this discussion or even knwo where to start or how etc) find Voyagers activities very very isnulting and very demeaning.

From your former comments on here, it seems you do find headbutting as an important ingredient on blogs for them to be interesting enough, and love and peace for all a mere utopia...but if you find it amuzing when Voyager54 is roaming around and pointing fingers at people, calling everyone who believs in anything (BUT his Raelian/UFO stuff) stupid, and other uncalled for stuff, insulting women and calling them names and personal attacks etc (especially when you agreed that personal attacks should not be a part on here), then that says soemthing.


As I do not think just saying Oh pot-stirer..oh you..and then add some smilies...and all the times excusing EVRYTHING he says and does into him being a "non-serious pot-stiring brat" is not as I want to view people (and that is regardless of their eventual personal tragedies as all people have been thru things but it doesnt make it right when they try punshing others) I showed, not only told, him respect enough to meet his arguments with a serious mind (at least after I also looked lightly at it but when I noticed he is getting too much), as he is not playing around when telling people they are stupid of they dont share his point of view, insulting their od and core of life etc..that he is more intelligent than others, that he knows better etc.

Who is to judge...not you Tinkerbell, and not anyone else...but Voyager54 needs to take responsibility for what he does/says and if he could make me lose respect in him, me of all..that says it all.


My MAIN issue and the catapylt in my inputs on this is watching Voyager54 going on and on and on..tried to talk sense and make him understand to respect others noticed that several people could write me in private and tell me what they felt about all this but they couldnt spit it out on here and that Voyager54 just didnt get it and I felt I needed to at least set some points and maybe he would see that his arguments are circlearguments not needed nor leading to any news etc.


I have an issue with people not respecting others and THAT is my issue here and not anything religious in that sense. I told Voyager54 many times that I do respect his beliefs whatever they might be, and even set out a hug call when noticing that he just kept on and on and on...but I noticed that even that didnt help and that the nicer a person was, Voyger54 became more and more disrespectful, it was like when telling him "I sent you a hug to show you niceness despite you being so rude and insulting", he found it as some kind of fuel or approval to blow even larger in his harsch attempts. That I dont find amusing what so ever, howver funlovingI am as a person. There are limits. If Voyager54 would be in a room with intelligent peole, spitting out all what he has been doing, he would have maybe been able to say 1% of all he has said on here and he would have been escorted out of the building.


I dont know you, and as you said, you do not have any faith, which I can respect, but then it might be harder for you to understand the point of view of a person who believes in something, either it is a duck on a stck or Abraham or who/what ever.

In this case, Voyager54 believes in Raelims and think everyone else is a brainwashed stupid ass...and I am Christian born but I respect most religions and I do not find Voyager54 believing in UFOs and aliens as supreme to be any problem, not either when a Jew is celebrating and being happy for his/her faith and so forth...I find it enriching that we have different beliefs and can live in peace in this world..but..BUT..then comes the Voyager54 is showing a face of, and that..then..a problem.


I hope you can see and appreciate my huge efforts to keep peace and also make Voyager54 calm down before I lost my respect for him when I noticed that he is lacking recpect for most.

by Worldmind
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