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Posted on Jan 28, 2007 at 07:34 AM

I sit here to read what has been going on and came to a couple of blogs where new issues have come up. Please understand, I do not mean this condescendingly, but I laughed (much needed). This is a nice break from the week I've been having. If only, what you some of you are experiencing was the complication. I've been blown out of the water by 2 men telling me they love me when they cannot even think of doing that. Needless to say I'm shocked. This in one WEEK!! That just makes me wonder if there is someone out there who is free to love me, who actually has the right to say that to me. This, after I have made it clear in general talks what my stance is on unforbidden love. I am now going to lose 2 great guys, because of that, because I'm cutting ties. I cannot continue the relationships I initially saw as just good friendships. Guys, why do you do this? Not all women will accept your love when you must only love your wife in a romantic way.

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