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Blog description: I was married for many years and as you all know in time contentment sets in as the years go by. The tingly feelings have settled into nice sweet caresses. I have forgotten what it feels like to be with a man and have him make me feel like I will burst with all the feelings I have for him. Can any one tell me if it is possible to find a man who will make me feel those electric shocks again, from a man, especially on here.
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EMAil ME 49 Views 02/19/17

If a man can not afford to email me, then he can't afford me. I am easy going and will always fit into my partner's wishes so long as they are not offensive or unlawful. Why is it such a problem to write to some one. I love to write.

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GENUINE OR RAT 46 Views 03/26/17

How do we find out if our contact is genuine or not. I have found that the best way on here is to tell them you are broke and they disappear.  This has been my experience on here so far.

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BE BACK SOON 38 Views 03/25/17

A level 4/5 cyclone is heading my way with winds up to 260 klms per hour expected. I will be back after it has passed by if I am still standing.  I have been through lots of cyclones and never lost a piece of roof so praying that it will be the same again.  We lose power for several days as a rule and even though I have solar, it is cut off by the electricity board. 

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SEASON'S GREETINGS 23 Views 12/09/16

Have a happy and safe season break. Drive carefully and love one another.

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RUNNING SCARED 717 Views 12/02/16

I wonder if the men on here are like me and thinking to themselves, is this person interested in me or do they think they can get a free ride.  It is hard earning money to back us up if times get hard or for when we get older.  Some of us just work for the sake of working because we love our job. I for one do not intend to throw it away on some blood sucker. 


Having said that, I would enjoy spending money on the man I love so long as he is willing to spend on me.  It looks like the days of women looking for a free ride has broadened to men doing it.  Pride in self has gone out the window.


I am about to become a gold member soon and will be able to talk to my interests to see if they are genuine. It is the only way. See you soon guys.

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KEEP YOUR SHIRT ON 177 Views 08/01/16

The man who catches my eye is the one well dressed on here.  My eyes go to the man in a suit or shirt and tie.  If in casual wear, then at least cover up


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WHY AM I HERE 109 Views 06/14/16

Been away for a bit and started thinking, why am I here.  I'm happy on my own and love the peace and quite.   I love the freedom of not getting permission to go somewhere, or to explain where I have been.  I must be mad to be watching for that genuine guy to be with. 

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What Is A Real Gentleman? 861 Views 03/01/16

Have you ladies noticed that educated men in general do not have manners.  They think that they are too good for this earth. I have had over the years since my husband passed away, several handy men and tradesmen come to do work for me and they are polite and open and close doors and gates.


In contrast, I have mixed with politicians, judges and some very wealthy men and there were only a few who would stand back and let me pass or open a door for me.  I must say that I have always stood back and indicated that the door needs to be opened.  I am not into the modern way of women are equal to men as it has destroyed the respect men have for women. 

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NORTHERN LIGHTS 139 Views 01/15/16

Has any one seen the northern lights and can tell me if they can be seen in April please.  I am in the process of booking a 26 day tour of USA, Canada & Alaska and they are my main reason for the trip.  In was hoping to be living in USA or Canada by now but alas, I am still on my own. 


I am trying to talk my sister in coming with me as she is also single. 

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THE 3 OF US 176 Views 01/16/16

Me, my sister and daughter are single and self sufficient.  We own our own homes and cars and have worked all our lives with family in mind.  I came on here to see if there were any gentlemen looking for genuine love.  Both are good looking and a catch for any man.  Still looking.

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A LOT OF BULL 519 Views 12/04/15

Time for a good laugh.


Back in 1960 when we first got married I always wanted a Hereford bull to breed from. Don't ask me why as there is no reason, I just did. However, I saw a Jersey cow for sale and wanted to buy it for milking.  My husband did not want a cow, but he did like birds and dogs.


We started out to have a look at this cow that was out the other side of town and he decided to make a stop to look at a Bull Terrior dog.  When we got there he heard some birds cherping that were illegal to have and started talking to this man about them, all the time watching me pat this dog.  It was put to me then that we would buy the dog instead of the cow which I insisted would be better for the milk.  I did no good and it was decided to register it in my name.  Good trick which I caught on to immediately as he wanted the dog.


Did I get my cow? No.  But my father bred pedigree milking goats and he took pity on me and gave me a nanny and billy.  I got my milk, made butter and puddings from the goat milk .  End of story. Oh, by the way I bred goats and Bull Terriers and won in every show that I showed them in.  I still get the yerning for the Hereford Bull. 

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LOOKIN AT THE STARS 223 Views 11/25/15

Have you ever sat in the yard of a night and looked at the stars?  What an amazing sight. I could spend all night just gazing at the stars.  I have a great longing to see the Northern Lights.  I will be so disappointed if I never get to see them. I have heard so much about the beauty.


Isn't it amazing how these simple things are of such a joy to  us. There had to be a great designer to put it all together.  There is no way it just happened from an explosion or such.

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WHERE ARE THEY? 199 Views 11/17/15

I get emails from members and when I try to look at their profile there is no one there.  Where are they? Who is hiding them?  They could be the one, and I can't see who they are or reply.  I am not paying money to any one or site if the profile is not genuine. 

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Watching Prince Charles and the love of his life walking around NZ.  And you say women are weird/complicated.  This man had a beautiful woman who gave him two wonderful sons and he chose a worn out old divorced woman over her.


On talking to Michael Parkinson one day on the phone, I asked him why did he think this was Charle's choice.  The reply was, sex.  Hello, sex.  Diana was so totally in love with this man and he could not give up his mistress.  We saw what the out come of this was.  A beautiful woman sent into turmoil.  


What does this say about men. 

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I can only speak for myself and my experience.  I am a quite, loving person who is good in bed, so my husband told me when he was alive. He never looked at another woman and at the end told me he had never ever wanted another woman. We never even came close to having an argument.  Together for 30 years.  I have had talent scouts wanting me to be in movies.  Told I am beautiful even though I did not realise this most of my life due to being absorbed in my children and husband. 


So here I am now.  I have one man on here who was interested in marrying me and then he disappeared after asking a female friend to be our bridesmaid.  You may laugh but I thought it was the brides place to choose her bridesmaid.  That one has gone.


Now, I don't argue with family no matter how much I am hurt by a  comment.  I stand my ground with government and others. I live my life by the Bible although I am not perfect.  I am educated and have owned my own accounting firm.  I can be interested in any thing that is normal and legal that any man may be interested in. Musically inclined and love to dance but not much of a singer thyese days. Will have a go on Karaoke. Will have a go at most things.


Having said all that, what is my problem?


What do men want?  My daughter tells me that men like to be bossed around and will cop all kinds of abuse by women who are not even good looking.  So it is not looks that is the problem.


It can't be sex because I enjoy it at least 3 times a day, for breakfast, lunch and dinner (bed time).


It can't be my personality because I have been told every one loves me who know me.


It can't be financial because I own several properties.


Maybe I need to be a bitch, abuse men, and rip them off like the rest.  Let me see if I get some responses.



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THEY CRACK ME UP 220 Views 11/01/15

On reading some of the profiles of men on here, I split my sides laughing.  Nothing sucks me in more than a man who has a sense of humour.  To get a goo0d laugh is one reason I go on facebook as well.  It blows my mind where they get all this stuff from.


If I never get the love of my life on here, I can honestly say that it has been worth it for the laugh I get each time I search profiles.  I am not saying that I laugh at the person as such, but they say the greatest things that get me in a fit of laughter.


I intend to live until I am 150, and if this keeps up, I will make it.  Laughter is the best medicine to stay young and keep us healthy.  Keep it up guys, I am just sorry that none of you have chosen me as a mate to laugh with. 

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Life begins at 40???? 182 Views 10/16/15

The saying that life begins at 40 is for those of us who have children who have left home by then.  Peace and quite.  Never. Then we have to sort out their problems.  By the time every thing is quite and peaceful, we turn around and find that life has been going by.  I fortunately got off my behind and travelled around the world and met very nice people, whom I still stay in touch with even though they are slowly leaving this earth.


Old age sucks when you see the frail and ill and there is nothing you can do but pray for them.  At least our prayers do help but not in the way we always expect.  No for lots, life does not begin at 40 but starts to detoriate.  I am a volunteer for the aged to talk to them or sing with them, go shopping with them.  Many have no family and this is their only joy.  I receive more out of it than they do by seeing their smiling faces when we do things together.


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WHEN LOVE WALKS IN 403 Views 08/29/15

When love walks in, all common sense walks out the door.

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IT BLOWS MY MIND 555 Views 08/10/15

It blows my mind what it is that men are looking for.  It is not looks. It is not compatability. It could be money. But most of all, it could be a dumb bitch that lets them get away with any thing in bed.

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Jacqi O's 3 Stages to Marriage 292 Views 08/11/15

Mrs Kennedy/Onassis said once that a woman marries for 3 reasons in life.


First time for love


Second time for money


Third time for companionship


I married for love, skipped the money to bring up my children and help with grand children, and now I am in the companionship mode.


By companion I mean, a lover, friend, companion.  Some one whom after we meet, does not feel that they have to continue on with past love/relationship affairs.  I have a price on myself, and that is , I am the only one who will be called princess, darling, dear etc. from then on.  

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