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Posted on Dec 18, 2012 at 11:41 PM

Voyager. I absolutely agree! if one is of a religious bent, then the time to explore that is when one has met a possible date. For SURE the blogs AINT

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Posted on Dec 18, 2012 at 06:26 AM

HeeHee V~~ You are such a nut-butt sometimes!! LOLOL... 

Allow your SNOBBS Prez here to clarify...

DATE SITE PEOPLE!! ;))))))) 

There are however, "Christian" date sites if one chooses... And there are "Christians" on ordinary date sites.. I prefer it this way, as I am smart enough to see if someone checks "Christian" on their profile, and if I want to hear a Preacher, I can always go to church! ;) 

For me, this is a blog site and should someone "read me" and like, he can ask me out and already has a great gauge to my personality. 

The "Prayer" blog I wrote has to do w/ the slain children and the massacre....

I am as "genuine" as they come, therefore I can't help but toss something in regarding MY personal Faith and Beliefs... Kind of like how farmers talk about their dogs and horses I guess... or rolling around in the hay... Or how astrologers or alien people talk about their thoughts. Nothing more... It's part of who they are, and since I've been crying so much these past couple of days, I thought someone might feel better knowing they aren't the only one in mourning... STRENGTH IN NUMBERS regardless your beliefs... We all need a hand to hold sometimes... I don't really care if the one embracing me is Christian or not. I find most people with goodness somewhere... 

In so far as some people's behaviors I have been witnessing... 

FARRR from what my understanding of being a "Christian" is about.... I will no longer partake in any of that portion of the blogs as it is unsettling for me to witness. For me, in MY belief, JESUS / GOD is all about LOVE.... So regardless of what you believe, or how much you may try and stir the pot.. (Why you little! HA!) Well V., in as much as you create havoc at times, I see the "real you".... I try to view "you" as I feel the God I believe in does... and I feel you have a lot to offer, as do most here. Doesn't mean I will always agree, nor that I am always TO agree with you.... I still think you have some beauty remaining .. and I'd rather help you polish that up than to taint you more with wicked words. BEAUTY IS ALL AROUND US... WE JUST HAVE TO OPEN OUR EYES TO SEE... My eyes are OPEN to you.. YOU JUST NEED A HUG!! HA!

So will I tell you when I feel you have crossed the line? Yes I will and yes I have. However, with the latest issues regarding you and a couple of women.... I am not allowing myself to get involved more than my previous telling you to please stop calling me stupid for holding Faith in something you don't understand. That's all. I AM a HS drop out, and I just flunked my Realtor final, so I am sensitive. (Grabs a tissue.. Sniff Sniff!) But I do not feel I am "stupid." Additionally, I do not view certain actions as being up to par with my beliefs.... I do not and am not to hold YOU to my standards. (It's a God thing! LOL) But in the same manner of which I am not here to "save your soul," nor am I here to monitor other "Jesus Freaks" actions.. So I am drying my hands... 

In the words of a great scholar, Rodney King! HA!


I mean Geez... I'm only a Princess! Whadya expect! ;)


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