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Office Environments Are Bad for Health Posted on May 03, 2012 at 01:29 PM

Why is it, that you must celebrate your co-workers birthdays? After a certain amount of employees, your eating birthday cake at least twice a month.


Why do some people feel it necesary to push their bad eating habits on others, in the office, by constantly bringing in donuts, bagels, cupcakes, cookies...etc...

Obesity, diabetes, heart disease are all reasons to curb your office employees need to bring in unhealthy foods.

One hour lunches perpetuates bad eating habits because employees go for the quick lunch that is usually not very healthy.

And who suggested employee 'bring lunch for everyone' day?

I don't want to eat pasta or lasagna, or anything else derived from packaged foods loaded with corn syrup and gluten.


Salads are great if you do not smother it in croutons, fried chicken strips, heavy salad might as well eat a burger..they have the same calorie count.


Obesity is a problem..let's not encourage it in the work place!!!



Keeping the Weight Off Posted on May 03, 2012 at 12:50 PM

I have a few tips and tricks to help you keep fit and happy.


Don't diet. Using fad diets and low calorie diets will only condition your body to gain more weight after you stop



Stay away from alcohol that has high levels of sugar like mixed drinks and white wine. Red wine is the best for maintaining your figure.



Its not the calorie count but the quality of food you ingest. High fiber vegetables like baby lima beans can actually help curb fat from sticking to the body. The best vegetables are fresh or frozen and steamed. You can add sea salt or lemon for flavor.


If you do consume salt and gain water weight...add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to your water. Add lemon and a sweetener to hide the taste. Apple cider vinegar actually helps regulate your ph balance and blood sugars. For diabetics...its awesome!


Stay away from has tryptophan and can slow down metabolism and make you feel sluggish. Wonder why you are so sleepy after Thanksgiving dinner?


Your body fat has a memory and so it will con your body into feeling hungry after a diet and thus you gain the weight back. The best way to fight this is by consuming things to con the body back...Water and fiber can do this!! It will make you feel full. Make sure your fiber comes from raw vegetables.


Tomatoes are acidic and have a high content of sugar and can cause weight gain.

Pasta, potatos, and rice are a huge can buy something called the 'miracle noodle'. Its made of plant fiber and has no carbs or starches.



Fruit is great if you eat the skin with it. Mother Nature is awesome..she included fiber in the skin to ward off the effects of the sugar in the fruit.


Sweetener can act like sugar if you consume to much..only have two to three packs a day. Splenda is a no-no..Go for Truvia!


Working out helps the blood flow to your skin while you loose weight. It will help prevent sagging. If you skip a day or do not have time to work a dry brush and stroke your skin in long upward movements toward the heart. Do this on your legs, arms, and will also see its a great way to help reduce cellulite and belly fat.


Stay away from carbonated drinks even diet soda. The sodium is a sure way to bloat your belly. And if you have more than two a day...the level of sweetener will put you in the 'consuming sugar' category.


Diets do not work. Slowly changing your eating lifestyle will!


If anyone tries to sell you a diet supplement to loose weight and says you can go back to eating the way you did..its a fraudulent claim.



It takes about 2 weeks for your body to stop missing sweets..but after that you will feel the difference. You will stop craving it.


If you would like a more direct eating plan that will help you loose weight and maintain it, just email me and I will forward the list of great foods for you.


1500 calories is not can have 6 ounces of lean meat, fish, or poultry and 2 cups of vegetables for lunch and dinner. If you are a nibbler like me; break up this amount into four meals throughout the day.


You will find that after two weeks, you won;t even want to eat this much...


I hope this helps and I wish everyone a happy and healthy lifestyle.


PS. This blog editor is a big pain..forgive me for mis-spellings and poor paragraphing!


































The Definition of Insanity Posted on Apr 25, 2012 at 08:15 PM
We have all heard it... Repeating mistakes and expecting different results! We are who we are. We love who we love. And we can try to change it but for the most will always find someone who reminds you of one of your parents. I wish my parents could have been a little less insane but the fact they are deeply in love after 50 years...makes my demands a bit more from the man I am looking for. The loneliest place you can ever be is in a relationship with someone you don't really like or love. I have tried to love wealthy men but damn if I can do it. It takes a special kind of woman to sit quietly in a corner and admire the King from a far and only be present when he wants the company! You deserve the haute couture for that kind of dedication. I am more the type who expects the same equality in a relationship and I make sure the man always loves me just a little bit more. The reason why? Its the only relationship that truly works. But it only works when you know the man loves you more and for that you will bring him the loyalty and respect he deserves for the love he showers on you. Don't take love for granted. Its the only real gift worth having!
I become breathless at the thought.... Posted on Apr 24, 2012 at 05:10 PM
The nostalgia of being on this website again envelopes my entire being into an emotional frenzy of fabulous vibrations; I..... I .... I ... oh yeah.... Oh Yes Baby!!! Ah, Ah, Ah.... Oh yes bring it to me gorgeous!! Ah Ah Ah Ahhhhh............... Auuhhhh....Wha....? What do you mean your not technically divorced?! I do not know how to brush the exhilaration from my quivering body!! I could write a romance novel ending the protaganist in a vindictive killing spree but I choose to silently get over it and replug myself on MM blogs..:)) Its no biggie. This is not my first mistake and probably not my last in the quest for love online. But at least I make mistakes. At least I try. At least I am willing to hold my heart out and not persecute the next for the sins of the last!! I am a little weary and a lot more leery these days... But it won't hold me back..... If I am on this site...than my male counterpart is on here too!! We just need to find each other!