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Posted on Jan 20, 2013 at 11:56 AM



No one can really determine  a person’s motives upon first sight; it takes to time to decipher these things, but here are a few red flags you may want to look for to revaluate who you want to enter into your world. 

1. Beware of a person who ask what do you do for a living right away. Here is my take on it, if one has their own; whether it is a professional career or working at a diner you are not going to be concerned about what someone else does for a living upon meeting.  One will be concerned with finding common ground and getting to know the person from the inside. 


2. If a person begins to talk about cars, fancy brand name clothes, let’s go shopping, zip codes and the last rock star and model they dated, run for the hills! Finding true love has nothing to do with any of the above. When a person falls in love they want to give their love interest the best; so no need to give hints or encourage this type of dialogue.

3. Go with your gut feeling, if you feel someone is in it for the wrong reason, say adios amigos!

4. If a person is willing to sleep with you in exchange for material possessions,  expect  an itch afterwards; you can not lie in a bed of flees and expect not to get bitten. If one does this with you they have done it before, trust your gut.  Never sleep with a person who hasn't been tested for std's or sleeps with a person in exchange for this or that, I don't care if their the finest person in the world, a supermodel, Trump, Movie star, the King of Persia, you get my point, you can't tell from looking if someone has an STD.

5. When someone is really interested in you, they will focus on how they can compliment your lifestyle, add to it, make you happy and if two people focus on making each other happy as oppose what is your net worth, you are on you way to finding someone who appreciate your hard work and success, who wants you for you! The fact that one is blessed financially will just be  the icing on the cake when true love is developed and nourished.

Be yourself, that is the only way someone will learn about who you really are and you will know in time, if it is your money; or you, they are interested in.

Like a 90 day job probation period, in 90 days you wil begin to see a persons true color. People are unable to hide their true self for long.


In conclusion, to know if someone wants you for the you or the money, trust your gut feeling, take time, beware of questions regarding occupations and net worth, listen to the conversations and topic of interest,  if they are asking about zipcodes or any of the above metioned; you know what to do I have enlighten you hopefully.

Also, be yourself, and know that real people work, it doesn't matter what type of work it is, what matters is  that one has pride in doing something; because work builds character and self respect. Don't be ashamed, if you work at a diner, at least you have self respect enough to go  to work. That is a good trait in itself! If someone doesn't value what you do; they do not want you for you. Real love accepts a person for who and what they are.


 Vibrant heart

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Vibrant Heart
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Posted on Aug 30, 2013 at 11:43 PM

I agree with everything except for Item #1..... people want a package deal... I am not ashamed to say that there are deal breakers... And I am here to find a life partner, not someone who won't know enough about the world to function due to lack of education, or life experience... and not someone who "does what they love" for peanuts.... if it were inappropriate to ask then sites like this wouldn't exist to try and weed out the poor stupid people... Just being honest...

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