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Blog description: why do women have dirty public restroom
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why can't mens be honest Posted on Sat, Apr 29, 2006 07:33
MY INPUT ON WHY MEN CANNOT BE HONEST, I BELIEVE THAT IT'S A GENE THING, AND MOST OF THEM ARE ARFAID TO COMMIT, if I could just have my wish of my ideal man I know that he will lie and so will i but I would just like to have a guy that do not mine showing his feminine side along with strong side. And what I mean by feminine side " Well a guy who is not ashameto cry when needed, or a guy who do not mine closing back the shower curtain after taking a shower, or a guy who do not mine letting down the toilet seat when using it that sort of thing. NOW THE PART OF A MAN BEING HONEST WILL NEVER HAPPEN LADY WE ALL HAVE THAT TENDENCY
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