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Posted on May 01, 2006 at 06:07 AM

I am new to this site...but have been using others for a while now, with no luck....I was on lavalife and spoke with a number of ladies, all of whom said that as soon as they posted their profile they received so many mails they could not possibly read them I though I would play the numbers reverse so to speak...there cant be that many millionaires out there...and no I am not one of them...nor am I likely to be...How much someone earns is of no relevance to me....but a few questions for you long timers... While this site has some great qualities it is pretty poor...yet all you millionaires hang out here...guess you go to mcdonalds for dinner? Has anyone ever met someone on here that a) looks like their photo? b)is as nice as they say they are? Another question, this one for the millionaires in the community...does it not make you paranoid that someone is seeking a mate based on their wealth ? Ok that being said...I am still looking for a cool partner....if your rich be prepared to eat in restaurants I can afford...if the only thing you have amassed in life is money ....I am probably not for you...If your poor, kind, compassionate and cute, well you sound good to me !!!

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