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Posted on Mar 01, 2013 at 11:39 PM

I know it has been eight years, a really long time since we last spoke.  And somehow it does not feel awkward or odd to me one bit.  I can feel that you feel that me and you are meant to be and that we belong together.  It's just a natural feeling I get.  I feel the same way about you, I feel we are meant to be together after so many obstacles that life has put in our path.  Gosh, almost a decade!  Who would of knew that after those eight years we have found each other again.  And I for one and not going to be so naive to not believe in my feelings of wanting to be with you now.  If we did not wind up being with each other when I was 18 when we met it is because of my adolescence nature.  It is like no time has really passed between us, we picked up right where we left off back in September 2005.  Do you remember when I laid my hand on yours?  I am sailing a ship and it is night time, and you are like the light beacon that guides me to you.  I am so glad and happy that we have found each other once again.  And the famous quote goes: "Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you, was beyond my control"  I feel as if though this is a part of God's elaborate design for us to cross paths once again. All I can see is your silhouette, physical frame, your shadow.  I cannot see your face clearly, neither can my eyes comprehend your facial features.  I am in love with your shadow, your spiritual being.  Even though I cannot see you, but I know my feelings are very strong for you. It is something that I cannot see, but I know within my heart and soul that you are there. And you are there within me, inside of me, growing inside of me, like leaves attached to a vine growing upward surrounding my heart. My heart where life can be cut short if the leaves vessels are clogging my passage to deliver my love to you.

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