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Posted on Feb 28, 2013 at 08:20 PM

About three years ago, as I was just starting to use this website again, I saw this guy.  I will not use his real name for his privacy and discretion. I thought he was very beautiful.  He lived very very far away from me.  And so, meeting him in person was not going to happen.  As days went on I felt a strange longing to want to be at his side, and live in his world.  It was very obvious that he had the attention of many woman on this website, and in his daily life in general.  I could clearly see that about him, as he seemed to be that type of guy exactly.  I never understood why he stopped communicating with me.  I always thought that he was cold and cruel to do this.  Over the years this abrupt non contact from him has caused me to be sad.  Sad because, I know that I will never be apart of his world.  A world that only me and him belonged in.  But then again recently my feelings have subsided.  I really wish that I could feel for him for forever, and I thought that my love for him was really going to sustain itself.  And then one day I woke up, and I felt my love for him fading away.  Now, it doesn't mean that I have stopped loving him.  It doesn't mean that not one bit, but I've learned now, the hard way that each and every man, and woman has to live their life according to their own transcript.  I suffered intense longing to want to be at his side, even though he may never know who I am in real life.  I've also learned that the more wealth a man has, the more will power it will require for that man to sustain and maintain that wealth.  That wealth may for some time being bring great joy into his life, but after his life events are outlived by his previous predecessors, the wealth is nothing more than a mere handicapp in his life.  This wealth has caused him such stress but also such high that he is willing to do anything such as sacrifice the woman he loves in order to maintain his wealth. I have got the first hand experience of this life lesson, and it is the most cruel lesson a man can inflict on the woman he loves dearly.

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