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Posted on Feb 28, 2013 at 08:04 PM

I've been on these dating website for quite awhile now, and then I just stopped and focused on my daily life for a few years.  I all of a sudden feel a pull to want to try this wealthy dating scenario once again.  I met a guy back in Rhode Island many many years ago, and he was the ohh so perfect man which was offering the ohh so perfect package to me.  I can't forget him and even now I am still on the website where we first me and we have continue talking to each other again.  I felt that I acted irrational and all of a sudden to not allow this relationship between me and him take place.  But then again I was really young, and perhaps the second time is the better time around between me and him. It has been eight long years.  Right after me and him finished emailing each other, I felt this strange feeling, that I must, and I have to get to know him again, we have to have another shot at being with each other again.  I just know it, I can just feel it, it has to be, it has to happen.  And it has to happen now.

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