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Posted on Sun, Jun 09, 2013 10:59


I know that there are people on this site that were scammed by others who posts fake photos and make up fake information about themselves.

On the chat room, I did mention an incident on another dating site where I did respond to one email. But then, I got another email with a different photo, place, and person, but the red flag was that the information that they emailed me was exactly the same fluff as the one that I responded to. That's when I decided to let the owners of the site know about it.

Now I am thinking to myself the reason why I don't get scammed to the point where I'm not broke. And by the way, I am not rich either. Maybe it is that I am not a big fan of the romantic flowery language. It's that type of language that sweeps a woman off their feet. Oh, I don't know what kind of words that scammers use to when they target men. All the male readers, can you please tell me what words they use?

I've been told so many times in real life that I'm beautiful and I know that. But I know that there is something else that makes a man want to want me. Perhaps, intelligences? I don't know. But I know that real men do not like flowery words. And I don't mind attention, but I hate being put on a pedestal. I don't mind being worshiped as a goddess by the men that I date, but not to the point where it is on a pedestal.

Perhaps it's also the writer in me that also says no to this. 

But speaking of Scammer, I would also have to mention liars. I just had a guy on another dating website respond to me. I did look at his profile where it says that he is 49. But in his photo he has grey hair and looks like he was in his sixties. I blocked him. I know that there are men out there that grey prematurely. I know of a fellow graduate who is a year older and had grey hair. But he had youth in him. I don't mind dating 49 year old men with a little bit of grey in his hair either. It's just that the photo didn't match the age for me. And I thought to myself "Been there, done that." Now let me tell you that story.

I met a guy on one of those phone chat lines back in the early 2000s. I was in my late 20s and just broke up with my first boyfriend of 5 years. The guy that I met said that he was in his late 30s and he is from a wealthy family. 

When I met him, he did want to buy me the whole world. I told him that I only want extravagent gifts only on special ocassions. Which he did by the way. And the only extravagent gift that I remember him buy, was a crystal candle holder that my mother still has. He also mentioned to me that he also wants to get married and have kids. I also found out that he was Jewish. Well throught the relationships (Which was mostly friends with benefits), He complained a lot, and he did fear that I was going to leave him, take his money, and get back to my ex. I've done none of that. He also did say that he and his friends did spy on his ex-girlfriends and found out the truth.

Anyway, I did have one of those make-up, break-up relationships with this guy too. During the last one (Which he said that he didn't want to have any kids, or I think that it was), is when I decided to become Pagan. But when he wanted to get back with me again, I started to question the relationship on my own. I also do remember that he also did spy on me (Which I didn't mind).

His friend was in the park that I usually walk in asking if I want to go out with him. I flat out said no. Then I got a call from the millionaire boyfriend saying that he was 16 years older than me and never wants to get married or had kids. That's when I decided to break up with him via email (I know that's a cowardly thing to do). I was shocked that he lied to me. What else did he lie about, I don't know? But I had to do it because I know that honesty is hallmark of a successful relationship.

About six years ago, after I've been to a fair, the liar called me wanting to resume the friends  with benefits relationships. At first I was the nice, but he did not get it and resumed to call me to get me to his bed. I did snap at him and I haven't heard from him sense.

This is the reason why I am picky when it comes to the age of the men that I now date. It's more about relating and communicating to them for me.


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Posted on Fri, Jun 21, 2013 16:28

There is a man on MM, Legaleagle 1219. Total scam. He is NOT a lawyer. He does marketing for a health services agency. He tried to get me to introduce him to doctors supposedly to give me a share off business. Thankfully I never did that. I am pretty sure he is married.

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Posted on Wed, Jun 19, 2013 20:46

This site says it verifys the men who sign up at this.  How do they do that exactly?

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Posted on Tue, Jun 11, 2013 11:29

Here is one for you.  She has conned many men on MM.  Anyone know her name or had contact with her please contact me ASAP.

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