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Posted on Sat, Jun 08, 2013 03:22


This is not about how to create your own dating site. And i do like being on this one. I did read an article that confirmed one of the issues that I have been having with all dating sites. That is there are some men out there that don't bother to read the profile, but would rather look at the picture. I can't do anything with the fact that men are visual, so thankfully there is the blocking option.

So, in saying that. I'm going to turn this discussion over to you readers. If you were to create your very own dating site, what would you change or make different from all the other ones?

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Posted on Sat, Jun 08, 2013 13:11

Here are my ideas:


1.  The only way to "email" someone would be via video.  People would have to provide a 30 second video to the interested party and vice versa.  That would enable a truer measure of the individual.

2. Interactive checks and balances.  Before you could video someone you would first have to go through a series of questions that asked about your interests, personality, etc  At the end it would let you know your percentage of match with the person.  Only those that match your dating criteria 70% or better would be allowed to contact you.

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