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Posted on May 08, 2006 at 04:57 PM

Lately I've come across only guy's who are scum!!! They act like they like you and tell you they want to be with you, and you consider it.. then you start dating and everything is fine, they are nice and sweet.. The next thing you know they are immature and disrespectful to you from time to time (by being insecure or bitching about stupid shit). You have a little arguement here and there which is natural, but everything goes up in flames because they have a temper and get mad easily and take it out on you. I mean come on... every relationship that is healthy will have a few arguements, you are not close with the person if you don't. But to overreact to shit is stupid and a waste of time. Next thing you do is get upset and wonder if things between you two will work out or not. Then there's the guys who ask you to pay for things when they take you out. I mean ya once in a while to ask to a girl split a dinner bill with them or for a movie is fine, I wouldn't mind that, but a lot of the time.. no, It's disrespect to the girl. The guy wanted to go out with you and he should respect you and take you out and treat you how you should be treated. Then I can't stand how guys break up with girls over stupid shit and won't even try to work it out!! If you care about someone so much and truly love them, you should put the effort into working things out and being with that person for as long as possible!!!!! Why break up over stupid shit and not try to work it out?? Who knows they could be the one for you, but they won't ever know that because they didn't take the time to work things out. All they did was argue more or not talk to you for a few days.. That's stupid and immature. Then you've got the guys who can't hold a relationship because they only want to be physical, they could care less about what you think or how you feel. Next you have the guy's who you are going out with who get jealous when another guy is looking at you because they think you are attractive, and the guy you are going out with gets all pissed because some guy thought you are attractive. I mean come on!!!! Guys should be flattered that another guy is glancing at their gf because they know they are the ones going home with their gf, not the guy who was glancing at her!!!! It just means you are lucky to be with her because other people think she is attractive... it's harmless!! Don't get so defensive!! I could understand if the guy walked up to her while she was with you and he said something, but if he just walks by and notices her it's harmless!!

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