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Posted on Jun 18, 2006 at 03:34 AM

Around 3:38Pm my time, A friend told me to check on this site, on a glinch i take my chances to register., on a boring afternoon i had nothing to do, checking on these guys i was like "whoa" it all seem perfection!...every word ever detail, every seem like a dream world., Elite people everywhere, but much to say while i was browsing i held on to this profile, he stated so much demanding things like a RULEBOOK to find a woman, sometimes words could be quite deceiving you tend to say a lot of nice things about yourself but others see you quite the different way, well, i don't like judging that person though but the funny thing just came up, i told my Aunt...she said....dear, even though they all had this rich stuff and those etc. and etc. , "everybody's *poo* still smells the same :)" that crack me up that boring afternoon

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