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Posted on Jul 06, 2006 at 04:20 PM

my realm and yours lie miles apart theres a door to my kingdom, my soul, my heart. Apon its altar lies a throne it is here i sit, i sit alone. no expression, hard and cold revealing nothing, my secrets hold. this throne was once shared, i had my queen those days have past, a distant dream. to the future i stare, stronger, wiser not giving an inch, the emotionless miser. knock if you wish, but be wise and not enter, only fools march on to the devils placenta. here the sun does not shine through the valley of rain but reborn you shall be, blackened with pain. Do not look to me, the man on the throne you chose to enter, you entered my home. Now leave this kingdom, this realm, this zone Where only i rule, where i rule alone.

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