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Posted on Jul 08, 2006 at 10:54 AM

A nudestic view. Infringed my eyes to ears. Reduced from wonder. Reduced to tears. And they call it a way of demeanor. Away of life. I call it strife. For what my eyes do see. May I be blinded. By way of live celled cottage cheese... That hangs from her rear. Of her barenaked view... From a span of seventy or more years. And the golf clubed shaped breasts. That hang from her chest. And let us not forget he. Double bellied to the knees. Who is in need of a jack... To find from where he pees. To hide notwithstanding.. The shock on my face. That he not be wellhung. Of his shortcommings! His lack of a package. I've seen better in dung. And thank god for dark glasses. Given at the gate... Free to the masses. That shroud me from more surprise. To hide my embarrasement, Or the horror in my eyes. Hath a heart attack, I should die.

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