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Posted on Apr 01, 2007 at 03:51 AM

To the western ladies, I agree with Elizabeth. You have to get entertainment by challenging intellect rather than pointing to insult one another. I don't want to go on reading in Negative blogs normally if I see that the posted title does not interest me at first. I am on this site for the enjoy of intellectual challenges during my making of friends, and for seeking potential life partners. I was surprised and caught just now that this post got some replies from the number appeared. So I was curious about what's up and found out, what a nonsense is written and THE comment. I would NOT be happy to participate in an fight unless it is a duty for me to defend dignity of human personality. It is each one's right or interest to blog & comment or not, much or less. So what? If it is about topics that are spicy, sexy, funny inspiration impacting? I would enjoy seeing spirited debate on blogland very much. But no, thanks for these English language's attacks on anybody. Life would be getting better if you were a smart, classic, kind and nice person. May this special site be peaceful. The service provider is obliged to step in and sort out such abuses of personality protection too, may I point out, by the way. TV interviewer JJ PS: This comment was removed by the author of THE blog. So I think I should publish this in my own blog again. Thank you all for your opinions about this.

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