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Posted on Dec 28, 2006 at 02:11 AM

I believe in dreams and the significance they attribute to our every day life. The few days following my father's death in 2001, an unexplained eerie feeling came over me each night as I slept. When I closed my eyes, I saw flashes of him in his macabre state. I know, he's my father and even morbid images of him shouldn't faze me. But they did until one night before his burial as I was in a pensive sleep? My father came to me just as the man I last saw him with his long streaks of grey hair, uncombed and swept over his forehead by the rustling wind. He stood by my bedside for a moment then sat on the side of my bed where I was sleeping. He said to me, "Ua cas koj ntshai kuv (why are you afraid of me)? Twb yog kuv xwb ne (it's just me)." He then reached over and placed his hand on my forehead as a parent would feeling the temperature of a sick child. At that instant, I awakened to be enveloped in a deep and warm affection ? my uncanny mood lifted. My sister had a similar dream ? only he came to her a few hours before he took his last breath.

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