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Posted on Mar 14, 2007 at 03:15 AM

The sun was out and its rays of luminosity danced, rippled across a small puddle indicating the recent down pour from the now blue sky. Despite the still high humidity, trade winds were blowing from the east and fanning off every bead of sweats from a person's forehead in the hot sweltering sun. If you're close enough, you can catch a whiff of Pentene Pro-V when long brownish strands are being blown across the face. About a few yards up ahead where parked cars lined a metered street, a lady in blue was walking from car to car with what looked like a carbon-copy steno pad scrawling a few lines here and there before plastering a sheet under every violated wipers. She seemed to enjoy setting off the alarm equipped in an expensive SUV or littering a rusting coupe with an extra piece of trash. The smile on her face was pure EVIL. A "Zip" sound came on and out a change purse emerged. It seemed to be full but the little 3x5 inch black bag was mostly filled with Lincoln cents. After three shuffling of the many coppers, a beaming silver quarter surfaced from the bottom. Glimmering in the sun, it was hand picked and slotted into the next expired meter buying the owner of a 1980 Toyota Corolla an extra half hour of time. Today, a coin bag is lighter and someone is poorer but a heart is heavier with character and richer in spirit.

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