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Posted on Jan 10, 2007 at 02:12 AM

(Reminiscing) It hit me in the shower. I felt icicles formed under my eyes. And the shower unexpectedly became very cold and freezing even though the water trickling down my body was balmy and warm steaming droplets of dew on the fiberglass shower door. After a short-lived daze, I realized I was going to spend Thanksgiving, ALONE. My family, loved ones, we are separated by an ocean and what little friends I have, they will be spending the evening with their significant other, privately. I cried and felt truly abandoned. Two years ago and as a new transplant to the island, if asked what I was doing for Thanksgiving, I would have described the above. Times have changed. I've created and carved my own little niche here in Hawaii. Thanksgiving Day is a time for family, loved ones and friends to gather, share, feast and give thanks to the Lord for the blessings if not many we have received in the past year. Although this year, I may not be home to enjoy the holiday with my family and loved ones, I was welcomed with warm smiles, hugs and well wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving by strangers at their front doors. With each elderly I delivered to, I spent 5 minutes engaging in small talks and laughing heartedly as if we were one happy family sitting at the dinner table having a Thanksgiving dinner together. We shared amongst one another our many blessings, thanks and gratefulness. Albeit my encounters were brief and a stranger I was, I belonged.

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