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Posted on Apr 28, 2013 at 02:52 AM

Ok so now I start. I'm 21. I'm not a fan of manny sports but can tollarate them. I'm currently trying to write a book. I'm looking for a Dom it's true, but just cause I like to submit doesn't mean Im weak. It just means I know myself enough that if I find Mr right Id beable to hand him the control. A Submissive wants to be wanted but a Dom wants to be needed. I feel that laying control of my life in his hands Tells him I trust him with everything and as a Dom I in return gain a man that can show me everything he worries about and fears without judge meant. I would put a limit list on here but it's blunt and to the point so I can't and wouldn't do that to you people. It's one thing to know its out there but another to be over whelmed with the information. Oh and fifty shades of grey isn't a book about BDSM but abuse I hear from other Submissives like myself. So please don't think I'm like that or the song S&M. I'm a submissive but chains and whips scare me. The life style actualy relaxes and calms me. I don't remember ever wanting to be in charge of anything. It stressed me out, naturally I'm submissive. It's not DNA it's personality and that can't change easy if at all. 

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Half Saturn and Half Venus
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Posted on May 01, 2013 at 01:27 PM

I think the danger with letting people control you is that they could walk all over you and not treat you with the respect you deserve.

I am a shy quiet girl would you believe? However, by day I'm a primary school teacher so my character has to change to do the job.

My confidence has grown since I was 21 and I think sometimes doing something that challenges you, makes you more confident than trying to avoid things that at first may cause stress.

I think having an equal partnership is more healthy as people who wish to control others usually have issues.

Sarah :-)



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Posted on Apr 29, 2013 at 04:38 AM

Hi Southern Book


 Welcome to the blogs.


I admire you or any woman that can relinquish that amount of power. I have read up on it after reading "Fifty". I was curious... hehehe.  For me and the kind of person I am,  I just could not do it. I  don't think.. correction.. I know I do not trust ANYONE that much to exchange that amount of power! 


I guess you truly have to know your limits..


As long as you and your Dom stick to the Mantra.. Safe, Sane and Consensual, then all the best to you both.. no judgement..More power to you... oh and try not to forget to use your "safeword" :-)




 Keep the mantra..."Safe, Sane, Consensual"  and BE CAREFUL..




What will your book be about?





































































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