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  • After reading about the passing of Steve Jobs , I was struck with just how fragile and short life can be. We must take every opportunity or shot at happiness that comes our way because there may not be a tomorrow. While success and money is of some importance it is not everything. One only has to look at Steve Jobs to realize the old proverb that said our health was our wealth was never more true.

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A lack of interest , try this! Posted on Mar 07, 2012 at 05:18 PM
I just read on the Daily Mail website today a story about a 57 year old widow, who was a member of three dating sites for 2 years and was getting no interest with her fully clothed pictures so decided to post flesh baring pics of herself in a red bikini. Within 48 hours of the picture change she was overwhelmed with responses in her inbox. I am not sure whether to consider her act pure desperation or indeed applaud here for the confidence to actually post such pictures. If you were getting little attention would you resort to such measures? I do not think I would, somethings should be shared with someone special and not for general viewing and one would have to worry about the quality of responses it would attract. Quality is sure better than quantity any day!
Essential requirements for successful internet dating. Posted on Feb 15, 2012 at 05:31 PM

For me I think ones level of success depends on a number of factors.


Personality: I think physical attraction catches the eye but it is ones personality that will hold there attention. If one has an undesirable personality or lack of personality no matter what looks or money or other factors they possess in the end it will become in vain because the other will eventually tire and move on.


Geographical location: I think many people deep down would prefer to meet somebody within a certain distance and not have the inconvenience of traveling back and forth for a relationship, so success depends on the number of people within this desired area. Geographical location is less relevant to those who want to date but for those seeking something more longterm it does become an issue.


Freedom to move: Most people have roots let it be career, family  or other commitments and for many to start over again in a new environment, it is not the most pleasant issue to contemplate and sometimes not possible and notwithstanding the fact that the person would have to be extraordinary in the first place to even contemplate this, as they would say from a marketing prospective they would need to resemble a monopoly where there was no substitute product. 


Never give up: For those who indeed find success from internet dating, this seems to be the most common piece of advise. For me this is a poison chalice, we are human and we often read into things. If a person informed you they had been a member of a site for e.g 5 years, it is unlikely too many would see this as a great commitment on there behalf to find love rather people could potentially see this in many other less positive ways.


I would love to hear other people's views of what determines success through internet dating.


Sexual Content Posted on Jan 14, 2012 at 01:46 PM

It gets rather tiring hearing some men complain that many women are solely  attracted to money and the more money one has the greater the level of interest and bemoan the fact of the unfairness of this while on the other hand some of these believe that it is ok after a few seconds of an initial contact to begin to talk in a very explicit sexual nature without knowing anything about the person. While I hold some sympathy for those men who attract women more interested in money they have a trait called dignity that can allow them to walk away from such situations, it is another matter however, when men choose to see you as an object despite your profile and pictures displayed are in no way provocative, this is downright hurtful and disrespectful. It is not the first time i have encountered such idiots here but it will be the last. And then to hear the pathetic excuse that men are visual, well so are some women, men do not hold the patent for being visual.To those men who do such things all I can say is you will be on sites like these for a long time because I have yet to find a woman who wants a man to solely think of her as a sexual object. 

The disappointment and dangers of online dating Posted on Dec 11, 2011 at 11:18 AM

It is with regret that I have to write this  but after a recent event, I do believe that my character will be stained here through a persons particular version of an event that occurred and also as I have severed all contact with this person I am hoping that the message is finally absorbed by him.



I was communicating with a person here for many months but at no stage did I ever give you the impression that we could ever be anything more than friends and notwithstanding the 28 year age difference, it was never really feasible. I thought you understood this that just because somebody can get along very well this is no indication of an emotional connection , an emotional connection goes far deeper.  You took the decision to come to see me and  in return I rearranged my schedule  to show you around when you were here. I had arranged for a place for you to stay, after a consultation with a friend she advised that it was not a good idea for you to stay where I live. I was happy enough to pay for this which I was doing right up to the point that our problem occurred.



When you were here again I reiterated my feelings that should have been pretty clear that nothing physical would take place. It was not easy to do this and I did it in the most tactful way possible so as not to cause any hurt. I really felt the message had got through especially when you said you would not mind seeing me with other people. This to me was validation that you understood. In the bar as a result of my obvious attraction to a French guy did your mind and thinking become all so clear to me,you would not mind as long as you could watch or either be apart of it and when that notion was completely ignored by me that You felt disrespected and got angry as a result. So tell me where was your respect for me that I was just a mere object to fulfill your crazy sexual gratification needs or to jerk off to. Me as a person did not matter to you and yes that hurt too and like you i feel too that i was disrespected.



I was willing to pay for the reminder of your stay and when I made the offer your acceptance was filled with ungratefulness and your lack of compromise made this difficult but I was willing and seeing you battling to control emotions made me  fearful and I wanted to get out for my own safety as quick as I could because i did feel uneasy  being alone with you at that point.



I am asking you sincerely to leave me alone  and I know you are not stupid  and can can easily tell a texan number from an Irish one so the purpose of you sending me a text today for Diane  to say that you were glad to leave this fucked up situation with the wacko was for manipulation purposes. i will not be manipulated by you or anybody else and you really need to look into yourself before labeling others sociopaths and other derogatory names. I will not divulge your name or take an further action as long as you make no further contact through any means with me again. 



Telling it how it is! Posted on Nov 05, 2011 at 08:36 PM

Wouldn't it be great if we could understand why members of the opposite sex do such things or get them to understand that some of the things they do serves them in a more disadvantage way and can be very off putting.




Here are some of the things i find somewhat strange with some men here from both experience and general observation.



Men with profiles stating they are in a relationship ie they are married and looking for casual sex, isn't there a site that  is specially for this type of arrangement or better still use your hand to get over your period of sexual frustration. It might be less costly in the long term.



Men state specifically what they have financial wise and then complain they attract the wrong sort. Really a child would understand if they brought sweets to a playground they would gain a few new friends and not necessary of the sincere variety.



Men with lack of communication skills, unfortunately there are many here and then you notice they have been here as far back as 2005 surprise surprise, and if this site was here in 2025 they would probably be still here. I won't even go there with some of the chat up phrases i got here, believe me you would not even pull a pint with them never mind a woman.



Men who get "hard" after a two minute cyber conversation, oh lord what an advertisement i think most women would be hoping it would take a little longer than that



Men who use generic emails, If you are going to the bother of initiating contact and are too lazy to bother to write a specific email to the woman you could at least insert the name at the top to apply a small amount of effort and to make it look less obvious that this is the email that is sent to any lady that catches there eye.



Profiles that seem to be written by a great fiction writer because that is the only conclusion one can come up with after contact with some . So ditch Enith Blyton and write an honest profile of what you really want as they say honesty is the best policy and who knows you might find someone who genuinely wants the same.



Men who say on their profile there hot, just because your mother may have told you this does not necessarily mean its true, when you delude yourself so much you bypass many great people not in your own perceived league.



It is very obvious when you are part of the "numbers game" a good clue is when you are asked the same question that you had already answered or where the line of communication lacks any serious purpose. 



Again there are some men here who are great  so the above does not imply to all and i am sure that women too can prove baffling here too, I did read a message in the forum where a man who was obviously an interior designer was offering to personalize someones home for them  but some women took it up as if he was giving them a free house (as if) so obviously some read what they want to read.





Request for more photos Posted on Oct 11, 2011 at 08:24 AM

Is it just me or are others somewhat baffled with the constant request for more photos when contacted by members here.  

there is hope Posted on Oct 09, 2011 at 04:01 PM

This weekend on the back of missing a flight I was reminded off an incident that happened through this site  a little while ago that gives hope to all those looking, that there are serious people out there and indeed they would go to great lengths. 

I was in contact through here with a man  for some time when we both decided we were comfortable and happy that each other was who each said they were, so we decided to meet in person. There were thousands of miles between us so meeting up in a cafe was out of the question so we made plans to meet each other in a neutral country so both could enjoy a mini holiday. We each booked our tickets and as I was arriving last I emailed him the email I received from the airline with the specific time of my arrival. We had hoped that the next time we spoke was in the airport in person.
Unfortunately a problem occurred on my end at the airport(my own carelessness) as I was due to depart with the result being that i was unable to take the flight. I was unable to get in touch immediately with the man I was due to meet and having waited and searched for me at the airport for over an hour, I finally only got to explain when he had arrived at the hotel. 

In all our first date cost between us 2000 euros and we never actually got to be in the same country but we laughed about it and both acknowledged that for a first date that one would be sure hard to beat and forget. But it does show there are some committed people here and people willing to make things happen, you mostly hear negative experiences so hence the reason I shared this somewhat more positive experience. 

As i am contemplating doing this again soon, I sure hope I manage to get out of the airport this time