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Posted on Thu, Sep 22, 2011 12:48

Well everyone who reads these blogs should know I speak my mind and tell it it like it is... SO HERE GOES!! If a woman is stupid enough to sell a car and send some man she has never met before $3000.00 .. she warranted learning a lesson.... Perhaps now.. she won't be as naive as she has obviously been in the past... LADIES: If you have ever fallen for crap like this.. You need to seriously RE-EVALUATE your decision making in the men you choose... I am not trying to sound "harsh", and certainly not uncaring...... but $3000.00 is a small amount in learning this valuable lesson NOW.. This serious, but VERY AVOIDABLE lesson may have saved her LIFE in the future!! Scammers of money is not the only way a woman can be hurt on these sites or in day to day life!!!... MAKE SAFE CHOICES LADIES!!! And on the reverse note to the MEN::: Watch out for women who try to scam YOU by giving you bogus stories that seem too incredible to believe so you feel sorry for them and send them money... I'm just sayin.... SORRY TO SEEM SO "HARD CORE" ON THIS.. BUT THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR IS THE LEAST OF A PERSON'S WORRIES HERE...

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