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Posted on May 26, 2006 at 10:52 PM

So ladies are you ready? These are 10 rules that every single or dating woman should take to heart: 1. Never get your hopes up too high too soon, for he could be wanting a friendship only at the time. 2. Never push him in a direction that you think he should go, for the more you push the more he will balk. And believe me they can come up with some really good reasons why! 3. Let him have some room, or they call it personal space. They like to "breathe" which consists of "male bonding" , or having time to themselves. 4. Go out with your girlfriends; they are probably wondering what happened to you! 5. Be independant enough to have your own life, for he will value you for that. 6. Stick to what you say or do, for men don't really like spineless women. Get some backbone girl! And don't think that he can read your mind, HE CAN'T! Be bluntly honest in a nice way; it usually turns out better in the long run! 7. Don't nag, they hate that! 8. He has feelings too; they just don't express it like we do. If you do happen to find someone who does, don't let him go!! 9. Don't expect instant miracles; you can't change them, sorry. But don't change who you are for them either. 10. Life only happens once, and if that means ending a relationship for some reason, do it! Get out of your rut and enjoy life, follow your dreams and you will never regret it!

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