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Posted on Dec 13, 2007 at 03:19 AM

I gotta give my new job credit. I wasn't able to learn it in 48 hours. In fact, I'm still learning it and the people. So much for being a fast learner - or maybe it really IS that complicated. Either way, I went from person to person sales to business to business sales. What a change! I think I was expecting less personality for business to business. The thought of selling something via myslf to Mr Bob seems more personal that Intel selling something to Dell, but it doesn't appear to be working that way. The only real change I see is that instead of dealing with the masses, I'm dealing with the people that deal with the masses. However, I am finally getting the hang of it and learning the certain quirks that go along with each business. It's definately a skill I was lacking. So, the other day one of my clients actually wanted to talk. This is rare so far. They don't 'trust' me yet. But he asked where I was from and where I was living. When he realized that I live in Elizabeth city, he asked me why? One of the major reasons is the ambiance. It has everything I like to do - an independent bookstore, coffee shop, water view. I love those things. A plus to that is the cost of living. It's through the floor. Just about every house on my street is for sale and I want at least one. Maybe two. But the houses are awesome. Most of them are victorian 'mansions'. I walked into one that was 19 rooms. Awesome house. I'm not a big fan of the generic modern construction. There's just no style to it. It's also fairly quiet here. If I want noise, I can drive to VA. It's that close. They also have a couple of festivals in the Spring for the town. Festivals are AWESOME! Driving here and living here has been like walking back in time 60 years. It's peaceful. It's relaxing. I'm just hopiing that eventually it wears off on me. I've been in a hurry since the day I was born. I would love to learn to live for today instead of living for tomorrow . . or in my case, the next 5 to 10 years. The highlight of my night last night was ordering a pizza.

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