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Believe someone when they tell you who they are Posted on Mar 11, 2009 at 10:14 PM
Why don't people listen? When someone tells you something about themself, why is our first reaction to discount it. For instance, I met someone that told me he was an asshole, and I laughed it off and said "oh really I'm sure you are". . .. but the reality is noone tells you who they are . . . and dont mean it And on the reverse side. . .when I tell people I don't want to get married.. .. why does every man think they can change me. And why do they waste my time and date me for 3-6 months and then dump my ass cause they decide they can't handle the fact that I wont marry them (in the future). . . .why don't people listen when we tell them who we are? (and yes i'm venting!)
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North Wales PA scam Posted on May 29, 2008 at 08:42 PM
Hahaha so some homeless guy from the town I work in scammed women off of this site for money. Over 100k sent to him from different women that he used to fuel his gambling addiction. That's awesome!!! He got busted today.
I have a crush on you ::giggle giggle::: Posted on Apr 18, 2008 at 05:09 PM
Ok I find the "add as favorite" feature the most annoying feature on this darn site. Why the heck do men constantly add me as a favorite yet they don't have the balls to send me a note. I view it as kindergarten behavior. Oooohhh I like you ::: giggle giggle:: and then looking away or running in the other direction. If this feature was used properly I would email someone I was into and then wait till they replied properly before adding them as a favorite. Seems creepy and/or immature to add someone as a favorite without emailing them. Frankly, I think they go to their favorite list in the middle of the night when they can't sleep to perform certain functions that will allow them to sleep. .. if you get my drift. I know newman understands what I'm saying! Guessing he loves this feature. haha
Out with the ugly and old Posted on Jan 08, 2008 at 08:30 AM
Its new years guys - time for new pictures. Profile pics should be updated every 2 months. Many of you have had the same pics for wayyyyy more than that. Some of you have had the same OLD pictures up since 1989. A few newer pics that are cute: Trish-however it is dark Newman- not really cute but newer Leo- fun pic Those of you that need to update asap: Shazbot Sizzlinhot Barbara Dreemgirl Angelface-way cute pic but still falls out of the new category Those of you that I know will disregard this post despite the fact we have had conversations regarding the need for change: Genie bahahaa Feel free to add your list of whom needs to update in this year of 08
Just stopping by Posted on Oct 11, 2007 at 06:59 AM
Hey everyone. I'm just dropping a quick blog to say hello. My life is insanely busy these days and so many of my old friends on here have said 'where are you' so I wanted to let everyone know I'm doing well. Work is keeping me beyond busy and when I have free time I spend it with my boyfriend. I think I wrote a few blogs about him a while back - i screwed it up in the beginning but I got him back :D I'm amazing like that. Can't blame him, not too many men can resist me. Anyhow I do on a regular basis so those of you that have it can find me and hopefully keep in touch that way. Bye for now!
Shockingly, he is putting up with me! Posted on Mar 28, 2007 at 06:22 AM
So this morning he im'ed me and we chatted for about 20 minutes. Just regular boring/wonderful conversation. Yay! I am sooo happy. So I am going to just follow his lead and hopefully this will be the beginning of something great :D If not I'll settle for good. Oh mr kisses, I won't ever spill the WHOLE story sorry. I am better than other drama queens on here because I realize some things need to be kept quiet. ::sticking out tongue:: But maybe if you're lucky I'll post his picture so you can drool and WISH you looked that good!
Shockingly, I screwed a good one up! Posted on Mar 24, 2007 at 03:08 PM
Well I've been absent from internet dating for the last several weeks. I met a really good guy. Really liked him. He's not really rich, young! he doesn't fit my typical list of what I wants. But he blew me away. Intelligent, funny, hot as hell, easy going, can talk to him for hours on end about a vast array of subjects. . . a really really great guy. I smiled all day long thinking about him. Every text, every phone call, every email made me giggle like a schoolgirl. And in case you all havent figured this out about me, I'm not a mushy person. Well I will not go into details, but essentially I did something "not cool" to him. (No it did not involve cheating or another man!). And basically, I ruined our developing relationship. At this point we are off. For the first time in my life I have NO IDEA what made me do what I did. I feel like when i was 22 and really discovering myself and really understanding myself for the first time. And it sucks. I basically sabotaged a good relationship. . . for what purpose? So it sucks, and so I'm really upset with myself, but I don't want to just shrug it off like I usually do when things go wrong. I want to figure this one out. Because God forbid I do it again. . . And I have no clue why I just shared all that personal info with all of you. . . haha!
When prayer isn't the answer Posted on Mar 14, 2007 at 05:37 AM
So I just finished reading love2banters new blog about dormavirgo and it got me thinking. Many of you know I am not religious based upon the heated debates between between TP, the angel chick, and myself before the NCO time. I do not believe in prayer. I do not believe in a god. Have I uttered a quick "wish" or "thought" during a moment of total loss? Absolutely, and at those times I wish there was a god who could hear me. So my question is . . .what makes you people believe that praying for someone will help them? And how do you know what you're praying for. Now I know nothing about dormavirgo, I only know she has been struggling to get her child back from her ex. This is blogland, we know nothing of the quality of person she is. Forgive me dorma, but I don't know if you DESERVE to have your son. Everyone merely takes your side because they "know" you. I am not speaking badly of you here just stating the truth. So now all these people will pray and this god will answer the prayer? What if all these people are praying for the wrong thing? What if I request people pray that my father will drop dead? The whole concept of prayer does not work for me, especially in this situation, because you do not know for what you pray!
This screams so many of your names Posted on Mar 05, 2007 at 06:54 PM
Found this quote today. Thought it appropriate for some of the "ladies" on here: "When your personal truth is negative and riddled with doubts, distortions and shame, you scream that message to the world in a million and one nonverbal ways"
My miserable life Posted on Dec 21, 2006 at 08:11 AM
Ok, well I never share with you all the horrible things that happen to me. I mean I try to keep this place light hearted, but I figured it would be beneficial to everyone here to know how awful my life is. . . not sure what the point is. . .oh yes, its to get sympathy. So here, in no specific order, are the awful things that have happened to me in the past 10 months: 1. I put my doggy of 18 yrs to rest-only people like debbie would understand just how devastating this is 2. I didnt bonus the months of nov and dec-which was a HUGE chunk out of my income that i usually expect 3. I got a flat tire 4. Last week while coloring my hair dark blonde it turned red/brown instead 5. I contracted HIV 6. I went to Hawaii-oh wait this one is for my good list . .. but it did rain while I was in hawaii so I guess that made the whole trip miserable. Please feel bad for me cause this amazing trip turned into something awful cause my attitude sucks 7. I broke up with my boyfriend 8. I met a guy off MM and because I walked out on him he decided to tell everyone about it. Like it was wrong of me for being upset that he didnt take me to a 5 star restaurant! 9. Omg this is exhausting. . .how do people spend so much time moaning! Ok now here is the challenge. . .you choose the items that you think DID NOT happen to me. And in a couple days I will reveal which items are fact and which are fiction. How exciting is this?
Who told you that was ok? Posted on Oct 23, 2006 at 06:51 PM
So I was on a plane today, sitting next to a fairly young mother-late 20s-and her 2 yr old son. We chatted casually throughout the flight, she seemed nice enough. As we were getting off the plane, I noticed her diaper bag had little cartoon people all over it with word balloons coming out of there mouth. Each cartoon character had the same word "F*ck". My response: what the f*ck? I seriously want to know if a single one of you men and women out there think it is appropriate for a mother to be wearing or carrying items with swear words on them. When did it become acceptable for mothers to walk around with shirts with cuss words or sexual innuendos on them. I have noticed lately that its not just young teen mothers, I actually notice more mothers in their late 20s broadcasting their lack of class in front of their kids. Now those of you that have had the pleasure of speaking with me in IMs or on the phone know that I am NO saint! I love using the f word. But NEVER with children around! What is wrong with our society? No, nevermind dont answer that. Just tell me-seriously, do you think this is ok?