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Posted on Jun 08, 2006 at 05:40 PM

I just saw the Da Vinci Code, and I've been wanting to discuss the topic presented in the movie that (if you haven't seen it or read it and plan to, don't read any further- you have been warned...) Mary Magdalene was Jesus's wife, and was the actual holy grail. The people that I know either haven't seen it, don't want to see it, or have seen it, but thought it blasphemous or something and wouldn't discuss it with me. The entire theory of that portion of the film, as well as "The Last Supper" painting intrigued me immensely. I don't know what is true, expect that that theory (to me) made sense. At any rate, Da Vinci thought so. There is definitely hidden messages in it... I was wondering what others thought about it.

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