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What was the Last Movie you have seen? Posted on Fri, Apr 21, 2006 20:19
I just got home from taking my kid's to watch the remake of the classic Shaggy Dog. Staring Tim Allen, Robert Downey Jr. It was Funny also adorable, I was wondering what people thought of Brokeback Mountain?
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My Mom say's You can't have Love without Money? Posted on Thu, Apr 20, 2006 11:24
This is so untrue, I have been married for 10 yr's. To a wonderful man which I totally Adore and Love very much, We are far from being rich. I'm not saying that it has been an easy 10 yr's but I wouldn't Trade it for the world. You can have Love without Money, I say Money Can't Buy Love. I know My husband could be making a lot More money than he is now, but he is so dedicated to his country he is willing to sacrifice his pay. For the safety of his Family & American people. A Good man is hard to find.
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