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Posted on May 29, 2007 at 03:05 AM

Over the last seven years, I found a great tool called personal & spiritual development. It is continual studying and hard work. A tool I have not regretted using since implementing it into my life... but more into this particular aspect of my journey. As a result.... I live a life of positivity... A life of a direct path... I allow no negative routes... But only good in everything... Having the ability to identify non good... And to chase it out of my life expediently & effectively. It's also... Having the knowing that all is good... All can become what you want it to be... If only you allow your mind to have vision... To see through the clutter... And to clear that clutter... Physically, emotionally and mentally... To allow the positive energy to flow through. To catch yourself in the moment... Of the thought process that leads you to the wrong path... That's a hard process... But with hard work, it is achievable. then... Become who you want to become... You get perceived how you want to be perceived... You get seen how you want to be seen... You impact on others on how you want to be remembered... You allow others to impact on you on how you want to remember them... You make presence on how you present that presence.... You make your life on how you want to make your life "yours"... And only yours! You see.. It's all about you. You are the essential tool to making you "YOU". No one else can. They can only provide you with other tools. It's whether you want to be aware... Of those tools offered to you... And making use of those tools... To allow the energy to flow through... To grant permission... To manifest that energy in you... To become the good and positive you!!!

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