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Posted on May 31, 2006 at 01:48 PM

I thought twice about posting how I feel because it doesn?t portray the wallflower in me. It?s not my intention to provoke sensitivity in any form. In my opinion, attractive people have the natural born right to be choosey because there will always be suckers waiting in line. As a human being, that would be my arrogance speaking. But at least I can admit it. And it's unfortunate that both men and women believe because they are online and can be picky and choosey on a broader scale, they will successfully find that perfect person. If it were true, everyone would be finding mates online. A so-so looking man wants a bikini model and a woman with no life?s goals expects someone to pay her. This is by no means a proven fact but attractive people are attracted to attractive people. Unfortunately, so are so-so looking people. It takes a truly special woman to say that looks are unimportant to her. Then again, some people truly want to find chemistry with their perfect match. Chemistry isn?t defined in facial features or dress size. This site isn?t about honesty, pride and love. Granted, we?re not all here for the same reasons but what did you expect from this website when you thought out the profile process? The word millionaire alone is the foundation of curiosities. If you dare step out of your comfort zone and ignore the beauty factor, reach across the racial boundaries or out of your dream mates age range, you might just find that special someone. After all, it takes a special someone to set the physical aside and go straight for what?s in a stranger?s heart. Everyone is rich in his or her own way. A bank account shouldn?t stand in your way of having beautiful memories. I have used my advice and have met a loyal friend and will continue to have a friendship rich in fun.

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