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proof the universe is love, without religous beliefs Posted on Mon, May 29, 2006 09:05
Question posed What proof do you have that "God means Love" Without using religious context, or the bible as your primary base, For debate/argument Responsa: If one begins to observe every pixel of reality, one will witness that in all physical matter there are only two governing forces , Positive energy and Negative energy, these are the two dynamic energy?s/forces behind all physical matter in nature. The true fabric behind these two manifested physical energies in the teachings of Kabala is defined as ' the power to give and the power to receive ?. All realty whether perceived as good or perceived as evil is continually in a dynamic struggle of these two forces. Whichever force is empowered with the greater energy manifests in time and Space in the exact measure of their force at that given moment. The greater the power of giving, the greater the power of creation, The greater the power of good the greater is the power to give. And the greater the power to receive the greater is its appetite for receiving. Unbridled it will become an insatiable power of ?receiving only for oneself? with no means of giving. It is the force behind what is evil and what destroys in nature and in the nature of man. In time and space we know that gravity is the densest part of the galaxy. We in essence create our own gravity the denser we are, the thicker our egos become. The power of? receiving for oneself only''? is what causes the power of hatred and destruction to grow in the universe resulting in our inability to love. The original creation of these two forces manifested as a perfectly balanced vessel completely united as one vessel, with each particle operating in a unified flow of giving and receiving. The receiver was only receiving for the purpose of giving back to the giver, and the giver was giving unconditionally back to the receiver in perfect measure?. endlessly. When the power to give and the power to receive is unified in time and space, this is the ??? energy of love. This eternal flow of divine love/energy was left for our own free will to continue this balance. Our individual time continuum is affected by our own algorithms inside humanity as a whole. If we see that the force of hatred /destruction in the world is stronger then the power of creation, then the buildings of love will take the longer journey, only because we have not equaled the power of giving to the power to receive in ourselves. Our own inability is the cause of this imbalance in ourselves, nature, and the universe. We have contaminated the equation! As we move forward in time and space we are continually correcting this imbalance, either through quick brutal destruction or a compassionate lengthened suffering drop by drop. These are all different algorithms operating in mitigated calculations of strict measurements of compassion and mercy. To the untrained eye it seems like chaos, but in?? divine arithmetic?s all is being measured in a perfectly balanced universal Clock of love We are all correcting, transforming to perfection the original light and power of creation. The unification of the power to give and the power to receive will result and produce a seamless infinite bond. The energy of this bonding is called ??Love.?? the lack of this unification is what makes us ask and question love itself. Stay out the darkness, Chazz