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Dating and the Art of Animation Posted on Feb 19, 2013 at 02:12 PM

     My oldest son is a 3D artist.  I appreciate his skill level and the practice that he puts into his craft.  When animation is utilized, his 3D objects come to life and move across the screen.  The process fascinates me.  Sometimes I still see my son as the sweet young boy with glossy brown hair playing in the driveway.  Now he knows how to do cool things in life that I have no clue about. I have, however, dabbled in the art form of animation.  I have played with animation not on a screen, but as it relates to online dating.  This blog entry tells my story.


    I do not go on a dating search with a laundry list of attributes that a man needs to have.  Typically, here is how it works for me.  First, a profile will catch my eye.  The profiles I enjoy most tend to be well written and demonstrate emotional intelligence.  The pictures will give me a "feeling" about the man and project a certain gentleness and kindness. If I wink and the stars are aligned so that he likes me too, the fun begins.  The flirty fun of sending emails and texts gives me a good sense that the man is who he says he is. 


     Next comes the request for a phone call.  Ah....the power of a voice.  As I am auditory, I discover all kinds of things in a voice.  A voice can be nervous (which I find endearing), cocky (ugh, you've lost me), flirty, or gentle.  It can convey energy levels, social skills, and listening skills.  A voice has the power to cut right to my core and resonate within my heart. 


     Assuming I'm asked on a date, I take the 3 planes of information I've gathered and begin the animation process. That is, I predict what he will be like.  After all,  I have information which I have learned through his profile and emails.  I know what he looks like.  I've memorized his voice.  I begin using my animation skills and envision a living, breathing, dating man. 


     Alas, this woman has learned a few things!  I might have great intuition, but I can still be surprised.  Someone with brilliant emails and texts might not be the same in person.  I puzzled over one gentleman after we met. We had such a great texting relationship!   I was desperately trying to figure out what was "off" about him upon meeting.  Finally, I realized it.  He was genuinely sweet, but whenever I said anything, he didn't comment.  So there would be silence until either he said something else or I filled in the blank with more words.  It took me awhile to figure out, but it made for an off and awkward date. 

     Lesson learned.  I wish I could say that I've stopped animating dates before I meet them, but that just wouldn't be true!  I do animate with caution, however, knowing full well that even with 3 planes of information about a man, he can act and react in a million different ways.  So now, I tell my intuition to chill in the back seat and stop predicting.  I tell it to just watch and enjoy as the date unfolds.  I've enjoyed the journey from my new perspective.  Animation?  It's a fascinating art form.  It's fun to dabble in, but I've learned to leave it to the pros!