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Posted on May 04, 2013 at 02:47 PM

Wanted to share: I had to break into 2 parts: 




I become overly anxious and excited on Thursdays.
I go through the regular hum drum at work, not focussing or bothered by the wealth of complaints, problems and or concerns I get on a regular basis. 
Last Thursday at 0830 am, I was eagerly looking forward to and anticipating 5:00pm. At 4:30 , I went  through my usual ritual of taking off my heels and switching into my flats..My  hand bag packed and my keys sit on the table.To the left of me sits my laptop and monitor idle and within 5 mins, it switched into screen saver mode.
At 500pm, I'm the first one out the door.


It all leads up to this sole reason... 
My favorite  tv  show .."Scandal"... :-)




Yep.. I'm addicted!!
With  only one episode left.. I can't afford to miss a commercial!
So.. here is how last Thursday played out and I wanted to share with fellow bloggers:
I took my son to his baseball game, cheered him on... like the good baseball mom I was!
At 7:15pm ... right after the game... I grabbed  my son.. praised him on the good job he did as we picked up the pace to the car.
Out of breath and trying to keep up .. he said "thanks mom".
Behind me in the distance, I heard one of the base ball moms calling my name .


"Crap".. I looked at my watch.. "I don't have the time for this", I muttered to myself ( no time for after game socializing) . I continued to the car ..ignoring the woman who was calling my name. I ushered my son into the car, threw his baseball gear in then walked around to the drivers side. I looked up to see who this persistent individual was yelling my name.. determined to mess with my flow..determined to talk to me..
"Oh great" .. I  sighed . " the gossiper"
I glimpsed at my watch... 720pm. Before climbing into the drivers's seat, I smiled at her and yelled out..




."Ill call you later hun"..stopping her in her tracks." I  really have to run" I added. She looked at me and scowled ..
Ugh!! I thought .. She will be talking about me tomorrow . I shrugged my shoulders.. Oh well..
































































































































































































































































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Posted on May 04, 2013 at 09:28 PM



You are so funny, LOL!!! Now, I am flipping over to Part 2! Can't wait to find out what happens next!



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