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Posted on Apr 29, 2013 at 05:31 PM

When I made research on” How to become a Millionaire?”, Google brought me to this website. I am a very curious person, so I registered as a standard member immediately. My best friend was a single mother. She has been looking forward to find a wealthy soul-mate. Thus, I told her about this website. She joined in and met a nice guy few days ago. They are talking about their wedding, honey trips and their future grandchildren now. So fast ! I am so glad for her, but it really surprises me ! However, I think what back of the guy's wealthy appearance is the key to your future life. Some of those guys may be real millionaires, but it is very important to find if there is a balance between his wealth and moral level.

I didn't often date men in real world because I am too busy. However, I met few real millionaires before. I met one of them in a ski trip of Norway three years ago. He is a really nice person and gentleman, and was looking for a wife who would like to create 3 babies with him--it was not my goal, so we finally became just friends. Last Summer, I flighted to HongKong to see my grandpa. I had to buy a first-class ticket because there was no economic seat left. During the flight, the passenger next to me kept chatting with me, and I learned he was a Millionaire owning business in US, Canada and Asia. In HongKong, he did shopping with me, visited my grandpa, and looked like a nice gentleman. When he invited me to see his office. I saw he yelling very rude to a female worker for some reason and ordered her to do this do that - it made the girl looked very nervous. I didn't like people acting in that way, so I found an excuse and walked away.

I am not good at writing; what I am trying to express is :

  • First class of flight creates more opportunities for you to meet a Millionaire ( I have twice experiences of it).

  • Some people's dream come to true through this website ( for example: my best friend)

  • When you find that you are attracted to someone with wealthy and nice appearance, take a deep breath, and question: what is back of that appearance?

Friends in need is Friends Indeed !
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