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Posted on Mar 01, 2013 at 04:31 AM

Sassism: If you feel you are in the darkest place, too far for human hands to reach, it's a good possibility that God has allowed you to be there for a little one on one time. I am finding that when I give up on my useless efforts to change my situ, let go of the notion that others can rectify my current condition, when I finally just let myself be in the presence of God and have that "talk," it is then that the light reaches me in that pit and my strength is slowly restored to start the climb out. With me, it doesn't work in the way of being pulled out and set on solid ground. Oh no, He knows I must learn a little at a time, while I am reaching up, looking for solid footing, grasping crags and crevices. The slow climb is a sort of lesson in muscle memory, the repetitive pulling, stretching, slipping, redirecting and pushing is forever engrained in my soul to be drawn from when I do at last reach the sunlight. Perhaps for such a time as right now to be shared with you. Our God is with us and he indeed does know our struggle and knows the journey we must travel in order to attain the most benefit, to draw us closer to him. Selah

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Posted on Mar 03, 2013 at 07:54 PM

OH! Now I see ... YOU....  are the FRANNIE who is leaving?? 


FRANNIE-- Do NOT leave on account of "TROLLS".. 


We have never spoken, but FRANNIE, You are a beautiful and intelligent woman and although I have only viewed a couple of post from you..... I was "HOPING" (haha), you would make your presence more known.... NOT LESS!!!


FRANNIE, I am sorry... Heck! We are ALL sorry...  if people are mean, and men can be disgusting.. You are an above attractive woman,.. I am so sorry for your woes here.. But PLEASE...






And as for you SASS? 


I told ya!


If you just allow us "time to read and process"... we'd start responding!! :) 


I'm sooo glad to see a woman has "connected" to your thoughts! That is such a gift! 


I know you feel blessed right now! 


Thanks for allowing some time between post! 


FRANNIE- Please reconsider.... MM will take care of the TROLLS.. eventually... 


Regardless,,,,,, BEST WISHES YOUR WAY!! :)) 





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