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Posted on Tue, Jun 25, 2013 21:24

Women in ovulation, or the times when they are most fertile, have particular behaviors compared to when they are not in that time frame.  Professors Beall and Tracey took a look at when women were most fertile.  Their study and literature review of ovulating women pointed out some fascinating facts about the fairer sex during those peak times:

1.  Women are three times more likely to wear pink and red.
2.  Women who wear red during this time are linked to sex and romance.
3.  Men find women wearing or surrounded by red particularly attractive and sexually desirable.
4.  Women are more likely to dress in a way that increases their sexual attractiveness to men.
5.  Women’s faces are judged as more attractive during peak fertility.
6.  Women self-reported an increased desire to have sex with men.
7.  Increased desire to wear revealing clothing was prevalent.
8.  Females showed a stronger attraction to men deemed healthy and masculine.

Source: Beall, A. T., & Tracy, J. L. (In Press). Women more likely to wear red or pink at peak fertility. Psychological Science.

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