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Blog title: To be or not to be
Blog description: To be or not be single ? married ? mother? father? friend ? free ? agree ?.. To be or not be is the blog about everything ! Because life is everything !
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English men are charming. Posted on Wed, Feb 29, 2012 15:52
Good evening Ladies, I am here since 6 days +/- and I have received some emails. I have been in England many times because England is close to my country France. And when I go there I love the English good manners. It does not amaze me to notice that they are also courteous here. English men are courteous and their conversation is very pleasant. They know of what they speak when they speak about music, about art, about litterature etc.. They are not just seducers. They are very interesting. You you can be sure that you do not waste your time when you read their messages.
Think twice :-) Posted on Sat, Feb 25, 2012 14:13
I just finish to read the " The Psychopath Test " from Ron Jonson. Excellent ! I recommend you also "Snakes in Suits" from Robert D. Hare..