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Posted on Jun 18, 2006 at 01:46 PM

As a person I am free to admit that fame makes one quirk an eyebrow. I have the cuiriosity of a cat and I like to see who goes where. I admit im a tard that reads the enquirer and star, I mean my life is occasionaly bland. I write when I'm home and am seeking an agent but other than that I work a boring nine to five. The stagnia is enought to make one want to chew on sandpaper for exitement. I also go everywhere for inspiration for stories.I might use a celeb looking for a non money grubbing mate on a website as a hook; or not since i'm writing my idea online. I'm trying my hand at paranormal erotica, which makes me laugh like a hiena whe i get to the lovee scenes. I mean I'm 24 and experienced but writing it makes me feel like i'm 15 again. Its a kick. Anyho i've got to boogie. Have family over for a bar b q and well they keep bugging me to eat... gotta love it. Jewels.

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