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Posted on Oct 29, 2013 at 10:34 PM

Online dating is a brand new concept and very tough for some people, and even tougher for others.  One of the worst and best things in the world are long distance relationships.

So close yet so far away!  When God says "Patience is a virtue", he meant it.  Online dating is incredible, there are so many people to choose from and you can pinpoint traits quickly that you are looking for.  Sometimes you find someone you would like to go out with, but they are far away.  Shouldn't you be with that person, now!!?  

A car, a complicated machine, ranges from some dollars to very expensive, though in the end all it can trully do is get you safely from point A to point B, if it could do more, it would be much more expensive and insurance would be higher too, lol.

When you meet someone you like, whether they are a perfect match for you or not, yet they are far away, you have to be patient.  It is not's fault!  You should be grateful that you have made a connection with an amazing person, and that is better than nothing, and sometimes it can be better than something or meeting someone in person.

Another reason why you shouldn't get upset is that even if you do meet them, they could be not what you expect, or you could be not what they expect, and that could happen right away or even after the excitement of online dating has passed.  

The best thing to do is to appreciate every one you meet and more likely than not, you will start meeting people you will be compatible with.  Try to keep a great attitude and focus on work.  Wealth isn't just the reward of money, but the hard work, dedication, and patience required to obtain that reward, and one of the greatest rewards in the world is love, and all the great things that come with love. 

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